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How to move Steam games on OS change (32-bit to 64-bit)

I have found many questions regarding this on this Q&A Board. However, I am not only moving my games from Vista to 7, but also from 32-bit to 64-bit. I once had some trouble doing so using a backup (same account), hence the reason I ask. Are there known problems moving from x86 to x64 […]

Differences between Arma 2 Free and Arma 2 Demo

Trying to find more information about the DayZ mod, I learnt that the base game (Arma 2) appears to have 2 different ‘free’ versions, one enticingly labeled as ‘Arma 2 Free’ and also a seperate ‘Demo’ – however neither the official site nor Steam helped me figure out why anyone would go for the demo […]

Adding Minecraft to Steam with 64bit JRE

I am running a 64bit version of Windows 7 with a 64bit version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and have been wondering for a while why Steam only says that I am running Minecraft at the login screen (I start Minecraft through Steam, Steam says “Darestium is playing non-steam game Minecraft” then as soon […]

Is it possible to trade a Steam key / humble bundles?

With the fourth Humble Indie Bundle I received second copy of the third pack that I already own. Is there any way to add the key or the games to my account as something gift/trade-able? Duplicate games don’t seem to be rendered giftable (I already owned e.g. Super Meat Boy) so I don’t want to […]

Is it at all possible to install Portal 2 purely from retail DVD?

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to install Portal 2 purely from retail DVD? I purchased my copy just yesterday and after going to about 4% the installer has now begun hogging my bandwidth by pulling the remaining 96% from Steam (online). I am hoping and praying that someone can advise how […]

Can I copy Steam game files from a Mac onto a PC?

I have a very slow Internet connection at home and cannot download large files there. However, I have a Macbook and fast Internet at school. Is it possible to download a game to my Macbook, then transfer the files to my home PC? Are the files different for Macs and PCs? I did see this […]

Idling in Team Fortress 2

After the recent class update, I’ve been trying to increase my play time from 2 to 3 hours per week to 2 to 3 per night in order to receive additional weapon drops. Yet this doesn’t seem to be enough to find the weapons that I’m after. My question is: What are the latest methods […]

Is there a way to transfer a free game downloaded on one Steam account to another?

I downloaded Team Fortress 2 for free yesterday off Steam. I used my account to download it. My brother has set up his own now and would like to play TF2 on his, that way we could also have separate profiles and scores. I don’t want to re-download TF2 because we don’t have much bandwidth. […]

I'm unable to specify which Steam library I want to install MW3 to

I’ve got an SSD and HDD in my computer. I don’t want to install programs where loading time isn’t a big issue onto my SSD so I have a Steam library on the HDD but Steam installed on my SSD. When I come to install CoD MW3 onto my computer, there is no option to […]

How many friend slots do you start off with, and how many do you get per Steam level?

According to What use are Steam Trading Cards?, additional Steam levels grants extra friend slots. Given that I have as many Steam friends as there are fingers on my hand, I didn’t realize there was a limit in the first place, so in the interest of finding out how useful gaining a Steam level actually […]

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