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How do I find out what version my Skyrim is patched to?

Today’s Skyrim patch has some unfortunate side effects. I’ve turned off updates for the game in Steam for the time being, but I can’t find anywhere that indicates whether it’s already been updated or not. Steam and silent patching aside, it’s useful to know what version of the game you’re running, especially once mods start […]

Is using Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) against Steam rules?

First off, I’ll give some background on why I’m asking this: I enjoy Steam achievement hunting, so I have no intention of unlocking all achievements. However, there are several games (E.g. Spiral Knights) where I have every achievement but one. This wouldn’t bother me, except these achievements are no longer achievable due to changes in […]

What do I do with Kingdom of Amalur's Steam Key?

I have the Steam version of Kingdom of Amalur, and when I opened up the game for the first time, Steam gave me a game key and told me that I’d need to enter it — except it didn’t tell me where, or how, or even why. What does the steam key actually do? Where […]

Can I buy DLC for a game I don't have installed?

Lets say I got a game in my Steam library but I don’t have it installed. Can I still buy DLC for it, though? For example, I have Empire: Total War, but I don’t have it installed. Now, I’d like to buy a unit pack since it’s on sale as part of Steam Summer Sales. […]

How can I get the Steam client to reestablish its connection?

I’ve been using the Steam client on my MacBook Pro quite a bit lately, and I’ve come across a rather annoying issue that I hope one of you can help me with. I often put my computer to sleep with the Steam client still open, and when I open it back up I often see […]

How can I find my steam ID?

How can I find my steam ID? I haven’t bought any games; I am playing a free one. Is the ID only created if I buy a game?

Can Steam downloads be set to run consecutively instead of concurrently?

This is more of a general question about the best way to expedite Steam downloads. I’m on a slower DSL line at home so if I end up with multiple downloads from Steam running at the same time it bogs them all down. If one of the updates happens to be a game I want […]

How to upload a mod to Steam Workshop

I have been developing a mod for Prison Architect recently, and now I believe it should be added the the Steam Workshop. I’ve looked around, and this post says to . . . put it in your PA mod folder, start the game, menu/extra/mods select your mod and then click upload. Here’s a screenshot of […]

Loadout unavailable on dedicated TF2 LAN server

When I’m playing on my dedicated Team Fortress 2 LAN server, I am unable to access my load out, because my server cannot connect to the item server: WARNING! The server you are playing on has lost connection to the item server. As a result, your loadout will not be available on this server. I […]

Steam over proxy

How do I run Steam from behind a proxy server?

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