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Is it possible to play games that run off of Steam, on a Linux or Unix-based OS (other than Mac OSX)?

I was wondering if it is possible to install and play Steam games like Skyrim off a Linux or Unix-base Operating System (OS), such as FreeBSD or OpenSUSE? Update: Apart from installing through Wine, which is an emulator and would hence defeat the purpose, because it would cancel out any performance increase you might get […]

Is there a way to get more than one thing to download at once?

I bought the Telltale Complete Pack from Steam, and while I realize downloading it all at once would probably make my computer implode and pretty much kill my internet forever, I want to at least download more than one thing at a time (or at the very least, make sure it downloads each game I […]

ROTMG account linking

I have been playing on Realm of the Mad God for months in browser. I now want to switch to steam use for personal reasons. I go to steam, click account, click ‘Replace this account with web account’, but it says ‘WARNING: All Progress will be lost from your Kongregate account when you perform this […]

Does split-screen count towards Professor Portal?

I have completed co-op online and have the “You Saved Science” achievement. If I play with someone who has played offline co-op do I still get “Professor Portal”?

How do I sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam if I use SKSE?

In my other question, I asked if I could get the Steam overlay in Skyrim if I use the SKSE .exe file. (Reference Question: How can I get the Steam overlay on Skyrim, if I am using the SKSE.exe to launch the game?) I would like to sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam, even though […]

How can I force Steam to install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from disk, NOT from web?

I purchased Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as a retail disk, and when I install it from disk, Steam is attempting to download the complete game from the internet. I’ve 512 kbits/s (64 kBps) network, so it will take me nearly 64 hours to download (1 week to download assuming 9 hours a day). […]

After buying the deluxe version of civ5 on Steam, where is the soundtrack?

I’ve checked the media tab on under Library and the purchase email doesn’t say anything about it.

How do I associate a Steam game with a separate, non-Steam install?

I just bought the Humble Indie Bundle V and I installed the games direct from the downloaded exe’s. Today I noticed that there are Steam codes for all of these, which is pretty awesome. However, after activating my Steam codes, it doesn’t acknolwedge that the games are already installed. I added them as non-Steam games, […]

How to download a Steam game without DLCs?

I bought The Binding of Isaac together with the soundtrack, and now when I want to download it to another PC, instead of the binary Steam also downloads the soundtrack, increasing the download size. Is there any way to avoid this?

Buying games from Steam in foreign store?

I have noticed recently that Steam has different stores for different countries. These stores generally have different prices for certain games. Is there anything wrong with me logging into the US store for example if I’m in Europe and paying less for a game? Does this violate the Terms of Service? Would Steam close your […]

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