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commandline.txt for GTA 4 doesn't work on Steam

I have GTA 4 on Steam and I use commandline.txt but it doesn’t work. When I launch it, Rockstar Social Club just pops up asking me to log in and after I click Play or Play Offline, the game starts and commandline.txt doesn’t work just as if it’s ignored I’ve tried: Running without Steam (Desktop […]

Where is my Steam inventory?

I haven’t been logged into Steam much recently, but I’ve just logged into it now and had the following bit of toast pop up in the corner: I wasn’t even aware that there was an inventory on the Steam platform – what is it, where is it, and what can be stored in it?

Is there a way to prevent Steam from overwriting my configuration changes when it updates Skyrim?

Steam recently patched Skyrim while I wasn’t paying attention. Now my .ini settings have been blown away and my vertical mouse sensitivity is almost 0. I know I can copy my .ini files to a separate backup folder and copy them back, but I’d like to avoid having to do this for each patch. How […]

How can I find the non-family games in my Steam library?

I have a number of games in my Steam library. Not all of them are family games, which means they don’t show up when using the family view. I can manually add games to the family games, so my kids can play them without needing me to log in for them. When not in familiy […]

What should I do if steam fails to launch a game?

I’ve installed a few games everything worked flawless. After a while I couldn’t any longer start Metro 2033. A message popup appears saying that Metro 2033 is launched the popup disappears and the game is NOT started. What I’ve already tried: Reboot Reinstall the game -> Still having this issue. Activate the game again -> […]

Do guest passes have an expiration date?

I got a TF2 guest pass last Monday, and since it’s only to play for 3 days, I wanted to wait for this weekend to redeem it. Up until 2 days ago I got the pop-up that told me to redeem it in that moment, I just closed it and it re-appeared the next day. […]

Does playing non-shareable games prevent sharing?

According to the Steam Family Sharing FAQ: Can all Steam games be shared with friends and family? No, due to technical limitations, some Steam games may be unavailable for sharing. For example, titles that require an additional third-party key, account, or subscription in order to play cannot be shared between accounts. I understand that if […]

Is it possible to move a hard drive with Steam games to a new computer?

I’ve seen a lot of questions asking somewhat the reverse of this question, namely copying games from one PC to another to avoid downloading. My question is can I just remove my entire hard drive from my current PC and move it into the new PC and get Steam to recognize that all the games […]

Steam: “available on” date vs “unlock in” countdown

Sometimes, Steam puts contradictory information on when exactly a game will become available (and/or unlocked). For example, right now, Dragon Age 2 is reported to become available on March 10th, 2011 — that’s roughly an hour. However, Steam says it will unlock in 1 day, 1hour (instead of just 1hour) What gives?

Is “Overlord: Raising Hell” for the PC a standalone expansion?

For some Steam games, like Titan Quest, the expansion is really just an addon to the original game, and includes all the original content plus more. Thus, even though the game and its expansion are listed separately, if you own the expansion there’s really no reason to ever launch the base-game from Steam. However, for […]

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