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Reliability of Steam's off-line mode

What are the general experiences with it? I’ve only tried it once, on one game, and it did work, but I am used to hearing that it is very unreliable and very unlikely to work in most cases. Obviously, I am not asking about multiplayer games.

How do I rename a category in Steam?

In steam you can organise the games in your library by creating categories and adding the games to them: However, there appears to be no option to rename these. How can I do this?

Why is Steam only showing me “Buy” instead of “Play” option for a game shared via Family Sharing?

I thought the whole point of Family Sharing was so that multiple copies of the game didn’t have to be bought. I have no problem downloading the game, but instead of “Play”, my only option once it’s downloaded is “Buy”. Am I missing something?

What are steam gems?

After reading this post on Arqade, I wondered what Steam gems were. I’ve never heard of Steam gems before. What are the uses of Steam gems? Are they some kind of currency? What do Steam gems do? How does one get Steam gems?

How can I get my Steam account to show youtube videos that are added?

I am having a problem in my steam account regarding adding video from a Youtube account in my steam. Previously I have added couple of videos from a youtube account to my steam without any trouble, but from yesterday when I try to add a video from my steam it’s showing “1 video added into […]

Is it possible to split a Steam account?

I have been collecting games in my Steam account for a while (I can’t resist those 75%-off sales!) Now my son wants to play a few of the milder games, but I don’t want him to have access to my FPS games. Ideally, I’d create a new Steam account for him and move the non-violent […]

How can I tell if a Steam game syncs my saved games to the Steam Cloud?

I’ve already seen this question and this one, but neither explicitly tells me whether a particular game syncs saved game files to the Steam Cloud. Do all Steam games with Steam Cloud enabled automatically sync your saved games? Are there some games that don’t? How can I tell which are which? I ask because I’m […]

How can I stop Civilization 5 from asking me twice which DirectX mode to play in?

I (pre) downloaded and installed Civilization 5 through Steam, on Windows 7. When I start it, Steam asks me if I would like to start: Civilization 5 Civilization 5 (DirectX 9) Then, Civilization “starts” into its menu program and asks me if I would like to start: Civilization 5, DirectX 9 mode Civilization 5, DirectX […]

First Time Setup runs every time I click Play

Whenever I run Dota 2, Steam shows me this UAC dialog: If I click No, the game launches. If I click Yes, I see the following and then the game launches. It’s just an annoyance, but how can I prevent this from happening? I’ve tried reinstalling both Steam and the game.

Steam account security: list of allowed computers on SteamGuard

When I login on the Steam website on a new computer, it uses Steamguard to send a code to my email and asks me to copy that code on a dialog on the website. It also asks me to set a nickname to the computer and adds it to a list of allowed recognized computers. […]

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