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How can I queue up stalker blink?

Check out this HuskyStarcraft video segment (if you don’t get the link to the right time, it’s at 19m15s)… how on Earth does Grubby get his stalkers to blink so ridiculously quickly one after the other?

Wall-in: benefit or vulnerability?

In one of the Day[9] TV videos (5:40-6:00 minutes) Day[9] (what is actually his name?) says something like this: Wall-in is almost always a vulnearability as much as asset. In the early game wall-in off prevents rushes, but in later stages of the game it is just a … free depo there? Could you clarify […]

Can you find a replay that defends against a well executed proxy rush on Blistering Sands?

See this related question. Can you find/post a replay of a well executed proxy rush that is successfully defended against? (Not a counter-rush that succeeds, that requires pre-comitting to a rush. I mean a more durable strategy that successfully scouts and defends against this kind of rush). Note the specific location I prefer for the […]

Quickest way to locate nearest unit on map?

In the heat of battle I tend to lose track of where my probes are or where the nearest probe is. Is there a shortcut or a quick way to locate specific units on the map in case I lose them?

Why can't I click enemy units anymore?

Ever since I installed HotS, I’ve been unable to select enemy units. Is this a new feature with the expansion or did is there an option to change that?

What is the difference between the digital download and the boxed version of Starcraft II?

What I know so far is that the boxed version should include free guest pass tickets. Is there anything in addition (except for the box, the CD/DVD and probably a printed user guide)?

I missed some research points in some levels, can I replay to get those points?

I’m about halfway through the campaign, and realized that I haven’t gotten all of the research points from all of the previous missions. I’d really like to get those points (just for completeness)- can I replay the earlier missions and get these points added to my research in the laboratory?

How do I extract the music from the game files?

I love the Starcraft 2 music. Is there any way to extract it from the game files? From there, I can probably transcode it if necessary.

Are there canon or otherwise widely accepted names for groups of Starcraft 2 units?

Groups of animals have special names: +————+————–+ | Animal | Group Name | +————+————–+ | alligators | congregation | | iguanas | mess | | owls | parliment | | lions | pride | +————+————–+ Often, in Starcraft II commentaries, the commentators will say things like: A squad of marines A flock/gaggle/cloud of mutalisks A […]

When exactly do players move between leagues?

I see this article that says After a hidden period of time, their skill level will be reevaluated. Has anyone been able to determine how this work? I now reached 1st place in my league and am eager to pass on to the next. I was already promoted a league once, how long do I […]

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