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Is there a mission timer in StarCraft II?

I’m working on some of the achievements in the single-player Wings Of Liberty campaign. Several of them are in the form of “Complete the mission in X minutes or less”. Is there any in-game way I can see how much time has elapsed since I started the mission, or will I have to keep track […]

Is multiplayer Heart of the Swarm backward compatible with Wings of Liberty?

I don’t have Heart of the Swarm, and I don’t plan on purchasing it in the immediate future. However, I know that some of my Battle.net friends have gotten it. Will they still be able to play Wings of Liberty matches with me, dropping all of the changes made by the expansion? Edit: If nothing […]

In StarCraft, what is an A-Move?

I’ve heard people in casts say “A-Move.” What does it mean?

Do some races have major advantages over others in Starcraft 2?

For example, do Protoss usually beat Zerg, who usually beat Terran, who usually beat Protoss? (Or the other way around?) Can anyone support his answer with statistics? Edit – I’m not looking into “which race is best”, because I believe they are rather balanced. But balanced just means they have similar win ratio against random. […]

Which Starcraft 2 hotkey set should I use?

I played a lot of beta SC2 games (as random) with the grid setup and managed. Since then I’ve started watching Day[9] and some other commentators who seem to refer often to the default hotkeys in their recommendations for, eg., keeping drones building at all times. My question is: to what extent are hotkeys mere […]

Effective use of Sentry in Starcraft 2

I find my self following other players and pushing with few zealots/stalkers/1-2 sentries, and enabling the shield once attacking. But i’m not sure I’m fully taking advantage of this unit. Should I let it be between the zealots and stalkers? Should it be in the back – so it won’t die… etc. In early game […]

What is the real duration of the Viking's transformation?

According to the in-game tooltip, the official site, and practically every other source the duration of the Viking’s transform ability is 3 seconds (either from ground to air or air to ground). However, when transforming a large group of vikings it seems that they don’t all finish the transformation at precisely the same instant. I’ve […]

What does creep affect?

I’m fairly new to the game and am trying to get better as Zerg. From watching some replays of higher level players, I often see Zerg players spreading creep like crazy as fast as they can. My question is, what exactly are the things that creep affects? I know that Zerg units walk faster on […]

Why don't Terrans ever seem to use medics?

I’ve been watching a bunch of Starcraft II replays recently, and I just realized that I’ve never seen a single medic in any of the games. The most recent one I watched had medivacs, which is obviously more useful than medics (since they can lift units too), but most of the games I’ve seen had […]

Where do the third party stats sites get their data?

Both sc2ranks.com and rts-sanctuary provide stats on starcraft 2 rankings. where do they get their data? is it a special deal they have with Blizzard, or are they accessing a public feed that Blizzard supplies, or are they scraping the battlenet web site somehow? UPDATE: After reading the post linked to in my comment, maybe […]

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