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Do I get Kerrigan levels if I replay a mission?

If I am playing the campaign in Hard, and I cannot complete all optional objectives to get the Kerrigan Levels for a specific mission, can I replay it immediately upon finishing it but in Normal to try to complete everything and get them? Or only the first one counts?

How do we defend against double 6 poolers in 2v2?

I play Zerg and my partner plays Protoss. Today we got double 6 pooled by a pair of zerg players. We scouted it, but we didn’t quite know what to do. Obviously they came after me because the toss was walled in. Normally I know the theory of fending off a 6 pool – use […]

What protoss unit can transport others?

I know I can create a Warp Gate and teleport to Pylons, but I have no idea how to make Warp Prisms or know if there’s any other unit capable of transporting. I would in particular like this to built remote bases in 1v1

What do the unit tiers mean in StarCraft 2?

I see people referring to a StarCraft 2 unit’s tier (1, 1.5, 2). What does this mean, and how can I tell what tier a unit is?

Is there anything missable in the HotS campaign?

Are there any achievements, side missions, easter eggs, or anything of that sort that I have to get while playing through the campaign, that I can’t get by replaying missions after I’ve completed them? I would assume achievements like Rally the Troops would be missable, since you have to speak to people before doing something. […]

When does first win of the day bonus reset?

At what time does the daily bonus reset? I am personally mostly interested in EU region’s reset.

How do workers work when I gain control of them?

Suppose someone gave me control of his units, and I want to use a worker to build something (or a Carrier for that matter). Can I do it? Does it build my building or his? (For pylon power purposes). Who’s paying for it? If I harvest minerals with his worker, who gets the money? I […]

What unit types can enter bunkers in SC2?

I know that in melee, SCVs, marines, marauders, ghosts and reapers can enter a bunker (and I assume so can medics, firebats and spectres in the single-player). Can any other unit types enter a bunker? In particular, can any non-Terran unit enter it? (assuming it somehow got under your control in the first place) And […]

What's the best counter for Protoss Carriers?

What is the best way to counter a player who is using a lot of Carriers?

How do I retrieve my saves from the cloud?

It’s been a while since I’ve played SC2, but with HotS out, I’ve reinstalled. My old save games were lost to a hard drive crash, but it’s my understanding that save games are stored in the cloud. I have successfully logged into my character, it shows the campaign achievements I’m expecting, and says I’ve completed […]

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