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Are the original Starcraft 2 WoL and HotS DVDs still useful for installing the game?

It’s been many years since those games came out, and in preparation for Legacy of the Void I’d like to replay the whole series. However, the Battle.net application is quoting me a ~20 GB download which is quite a lot for my internet connection. I’m also aware that the games have been heavily patched since […]

Giving control of my units

How do I give control of my units to another player? I was very much surprised when a teammate gave me control of his units somehow, and didn’t have time to ask him how he did it. It’s a neat feature!

Is there enough synergy in different race combinations to justify a race switch when playing 2v2?

I prefer playing as zerg generally, although I do a fair amount of “random”, but I’ve recently started playing 2v2 with a friend who’s also a zerg player, and I have been considering switching to playing terran, simply for the synergy of medivacs and zerg, but also to offer up a few more options when […]

Will picking missions randomly exclude me from doing other missions?

As a complete SC2 noob I’ve started working through the campaign. When I lost big time on around mission 7 (told you I was a noob!) I started reading the gamesradar strategies. Having just read about my current mission (Into the Jungle) 11 it looks like I’ve skipped 8, 9 and 10. But 9 mentions […]

Is there any way to tell how much XP I've gained so far during a match?

In Heart of the Swarm you gain XP for killing/building units in multi-player matches on Blizzard maps. My understanding is that there is a “soft cap” of 50,000xp per match; actions that give you XP give 100% of their value until you’ve reached 50kxp during a match, and then they only give 1/3 of their […]

What is Scan-Move?

From wikia: Scan-Move is a command available to units without an attack, such as high templar and the medivac dropship. The hotkey used is A, the same as the attack command. Using scan-move “orders selected units to move to the target area or follow the target unit. Scan-Moving units will not engage enemies.” I don’t […]

Does Wings of Liberty have global play on its own?

I just learnt that global play is available in Heart of the Swarm. If I only have a Wings of Liberty copy attached to the North American server and I have a friend with only a Wings of Liberty copy attached to the European server, can we both use global play to play together without […]

What are primal Zerg?

Heart of the Swarm introduces Primal Zerg. What are they?

Does a hallucinated observer work as a detector?

I was reading a forum post on TeamLiquid where an interesting fact was posted. “A possible solution to this would be to allow the sentry to create hallucinated observers which can function as detectors. They’d still be super squishy (essentially only 30 HP) and not cloaked, but it would also give Protoss something against cloaked […]

Raptor or Swarmling Zerglings in HOTS?

One of the first choices in the HOTS campaign is between Raptor and Swarmling Zerglings. Raptors just look cool and attack faster, but Swarmlings could save a base as they mutate faster and in groups of 3 instead of 2. What are the advantages of each? What is the best mutation depending on what type […]

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