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Is there a Custom Map to practice defending against specific cheeses?

As a relatively new player (top of my bronze division) I have to deal with learning how to counter all the popular cheeses like 6 pool. My 2v2 partner has the same problem. When we’re both online, we can practice by me doing a 6 pool to him. But wouldn’t it be cool if he […]

Which units should I put in bunkers?

When I create bunkers, I randomly put infantry in it. The only discrimination I make is to put wounded units in the bunker. But should I favor putting marines over marauder? And why?

Do you keep campaign achievements earned during an unfinished mission in StarCraft 2?

Thus far every time I have earned a campaign achievement in StarCraft 2 I have also finished its associated campaign mission. This is fine when playing a mission for the first time but on subsequent replays I’d rather just earn the achievement and then quit the mission. Which leads me to my question: if you […]

Morph multiple gateways into warp gates simultaneously

I’ve seen a number of higher-level players select a number of gateways and morph them all simultaneously into warp gates. How do you do that? If I press the “G” button, it just starts one of them warping. Can they be set to all morph simultaneously, or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?

What does the Starcraft 2 Guest Pass do?

I have heard that Starcraft 2 contains a guest pass for a friend to use. What does the guest pass provide in terms of gameplay and time alloted?

How many divisions are there for each league in Starcraft 2?

In Starcraft 2 competitive online games you get placed in a league and are ranked against approximately 100 other people of your skill level. For the different skill levels there are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond leagues, but each of these levels is divided into several “divisions” of 100 people. How many such divisions […]

Starcraft II – Are you stuck in a league once you are placed?

I am reluctant to leave the practice league over concerns that I will be ‘stuck’ in the league I place. Is this the case, or can you earn your way from say Bronze to Silver as you improve?

What are the abilities of the “Special Infected” in Left 2 Die?

Blizzard’s Left 2 Die custom map, a mashup of Left 4 Dead and their own Outbreak campaign mission, starts out with familiar zerg units (from the campaign, if not from multiplayer) assaulting your base, but even during the first night, you will be attacked by “special infected” (so named in the SC2mapfile). These are: Hunterling […]

Can protoss counter mass marines in the open?

I’ve been playing around with the Hardcounter custom map to test out unit compositions, but I haven’t been able to find a protoss force with comparable resource value that will counter 30 stimmed marines (this is even without medivacs) without taking advantage of force-fielding a choke. With a choke, I force-field that off then either […]

How does build-order naming work for Zerg?

For example, does “13-pool” mean “spawn 13 drones, and turn the 13th into a pool” (so that now you are at 12 supply)? Or does it mean “spawn 13 drones, then turn the 14th into a pool” (so that now you are at 13 supply)?

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