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Is it ok to build a wall not on main's, but on natural's choke?

I play Terran and in 1v1 most of the time I wall up aganist Protoss and Zerg. Recently it came to my mind that instead of building a wall on main’s choke I can build it at natural’s, thus protecting them both. Of course, this is not applicable to all maps, but, for example, on […]

How to counter a proxy zealot rush on Blistering Sands

I’m recently doing a lot of rushes, and I found that the outcome is very map-dependent. On a map like Blistering Sands, where I know my opponent’s location and he has a backdoor, how would you defend an opponent’s zealot rush? I usually set up 3 gateways in a spot near his base, that is […]

In which Wings Of Liberty missions can you play as the Zerg?

Are there any missions in the Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty campaign where you can play as the Zerg? If so, which missions?

Starcraft 2 Ladder games 3v3?

I don’t get how the ladder system in StarCraft 2 works. I mean, I understand that I am placed in a ladder position according to my rank, but how do we start a 3v3 ladder game? There seems to be no option for that. Or do I have to play through 1v1 and/or 2v2 a […]

Strategies against zerg when playing protoss

I’ve been playing SC2 for a month or two casually and have a 37/37 win loss ratio in 1v1. for some reason I can’t beat Zerg with any amount of consistency. I’m probably around 60 or 70 percent for the other 2 races, but I rarely can beat Zerg. My play style is a few […]

Will I be demoted to a lower league in Starcraft 2 if I don't play?

I’ve just been promoted from platinum league to diamond and master pretty fast (in 4 vs 4). This was totally amazing for me but I’m afraid I will be demoted again to a lower league as fast as I came higher. If I don’t play any 4 vs 4 anymore, will they demote me to […]

Are any upgrade options permanent like in wings of liberty?

I am concerned about my choices for leveling up in the Heart of the Swarm campaign because in Wings of Liberty I made some bad choices which I could not reverse. I notice the Evolution Chamber upgrades can be changed on the fly for zerglings, but are there upgrades which can’t changed such as Kerrigans […]

Starcraft 2 maintaining unit formations

In Starcraft 2, I want to maintain unit formations. Other than having one unit type follow another, and then only directing the lead unit type to move, I maintain a pseudo formation, that is my longer ranged units in the back, etc… Is this the only way?

How do ladders work in StarCraft 2?

Well the question pretty much sums it up. I’m currently in the bronze league, and I’m wondering around when I’ll get to the silver league or if there’s anything that I have to do. I haven’t found much info on the Internet. Also, as a bronze league player, do I ever play with silver league […]

What's up with the Strange Organism in Waking the Ancient?

In the mission Waking the Ancient, around the middle north of the map, there’s a neutral critter that burrows as soon as you get anywhere near it. It’s definitely selectable; the cursor changed when I moused over it, and I think its name was “Strange Organism” or something like that. What is it for? Is […]

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