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How do team tactics differ from 1v1 tactics in Starcraft II?

So far I have only played 2v2 games in Starcraft II because I always had a friend to play with or because I wasn’t confident enough to try 1v1 games. I’m starting to feel a little more confident and want to test my might in the 1v1 ladder. So generally, what tactics work in 1v1 […]

What's the correct number of workers to put on gathering vespene and minerals in StarCraft 2?

In StarCraft 1, I didn’t halt worker production until I had 3 for every 2 mineral patches, and 3 for each vespene geyser. This was my own personal guideline, and I have no idea how efficient/wasteful it was. What’s an appropriate guideline for maximum income rate in StarCraft 2? Does it differ by race?

Forming a “concave” with your army

Something that I’ve read a lot about when discussing attacking and defending is often the discussion of forming a perfect “concave” with your army. What does a concave look like and in what situations is this technique important to execute?

What are the popular openings / builds for Terran in StarCraft 2?

I don’t have too much interest in playing Terran, but I’d like this information mostly to better understand what I’m up against.

What are some effective methods of scouting in Starcraft 2?

One thing I’ve always struggled with in RTS games is scouting. What are some effective methods of scouting what your opponent is up to in Starcraft 2, especially in the early game? How do you accomplish it without losing focus on what you are doing back at your base?

Besides practicing, what are some great ways to become a better player?

Besides practicing, what are some great ways to become a better StarCraft II player? Off the top of my head I can think of: Watching replays with commentary from youtube.com/hdstarcraft and youtube.com/huskystarcraft Watching live gamecasts on Team Liquid’s user streams page Following the Team Liquid Starcraft 2 Strategy forum …?

What exactly is a “cheese” in Starcraft 2?

I seem to see commentators mention “cheese” with regards to Starcraft 2, but I’m not quite sure what they mean. If a particular build/tactic is called a “cheese”, does that mean it is a considered to be uncounterable? Or does it just mean that it is considered to be a tactic that is “too easy” […]

What are the popular build orders for Protoss in StarCraft 2?

I’ve played a lot of Protoss in the original StarCraft, but I thought I might try to play it in StarCraft 2 also. What build orders are being used competitively?

What build order should I use for Zerg in StarCraft 2?

I’m familiar with the general mechanics of the game, but what’s the best build order for the beginning of the game?

What does it mean to have map control?

I hear people talking a lot about having map control (mostly tzenes). What specifically does a good player consider map control? Is it simply having decent visibility of most of the map so that you know whenever your opponent is moving a force around the map? Or is it having expansions/fighting units around the map? […]

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