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What is a good amount of worker saturation mid to late game?

Base worker saturation was well covered here I’m looking for a good food composition mid to late game running on 3, 4, or 2.5 bases with the first base slowly running out of minerals. I believe you would roughly want ~30 workers per base (say 3 bases) that would account for around 100 of your […]

Optimal Mission Order in regard to Unit Upgrades

The Starcraft 2 Campaign Mission Order question has already asked Will picking missions randomly from the planets available exclude me from doing other missions or will it all just sort itself out? I am curious what is the most efficient mission order in regard to unit upgrades because whatever unit upgrades at the time of […]

PvZ: how can Protoss keep up with the Zerg production?

I’m a mid-platinum Protoss player, I recently played a few games vs Zerg… some won.. but some… well, Zerg just overwhelms… For instance: http://ggtracker.com/matches/5153632 Yet at the 9th minute mark, we had similar amount of supply (56 for me vs 64 for my Zerg opponent), but at the 12th minute mark I had 92 supply, […]

Where can one find a list of players ranked by achievement points?

Is there a site that you can go to that lists out users ranked by achievement? Perhaps a way to list them out like that on the StarCraft 2 website?

How do you unlock the various profile icons?

How do you unlock the various profile icons in Starcraft 2? Is it purely going through campaigns? Unlocking certain achievements?

What is the most efficient way to begin gathering at the start of a game of Starcraft 2?

Is there any way to have workers spread out to all nearest crystal straight away at the start of a game? Selecting all workers and sending them to 1 crystal node makes them all swarm to that node after which they start to spread out. This seems inefficient and inconsistent with their otherwise intelligent behaviour.

How to join a game as observer in StarCraft 2?

Is there an option to join your friends and observe the game from within (as in a replay only live) while they play? It used to be possible in SC1, is there a trick to it in SC2?

What are the differences regarding the first choice in starcraft 2?

I recently reached the mission where you have to choose whether to cleanse a colony and side with the protoss, or try to save that colony and fight the protoss. I chose to save the colony, that gave me +3 zerg research, and a nice cut-scene of the doctor leaving the ship and asking me […]

How do I stop 5 rax reaper into MM as Zerg?

This build was used by Morrow in the finale of biggest SC2 contest to date – IEM. How do I stop it? Do I use some all-in counter?

Can I install Starcraft 2 multiplayer only, without campaign?

I have installed WoL, size 14 GB, when I buy HotS I’m afraid that might grow up to 30 GB, which is too much. Since I’m not going to play campaign, is there an option to install online multiplayer only?

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