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Why is StarCraft 2 divided by regions?

I live in Argentina, but I love to get all my stuff (be it games, tv series, movies, etc) in English. Battle.net will only let me select one region, which by default is Latin America, that has only Spanish and Portuguese (not to mention that I only get to play with users in the same […]

What's the most efficient way to select workers to build things in Starcraft 2?

When I’m building up my base, I sometimes find myself wasting time trying to get a single worker off of my resource line so that I can build something. I often miss or have to chase after them if I’m trying to single click, and dragging often selects more than one, at which point I […]

What percentage of players get into each league tier?

E.g., if I’m in the Silver league, this means I’m generally/statistically better than what percentage of the players? (At least for the first qualifying matches, that is)

As a Terran, what's a good counter to early Mutalisks?

I always seem to have trouble against Zerg as Terran, but ESPECIALLY if there are a mass of early Mutas harrasing me. I know Marines are great against them but that’s not good enough, because they aren’t as mobile as the Mutas and unless that’s their only unit I can’t really just rely on the […]

How can I teach my less-skilled friends the value of scouting and aggression?

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 with many real-life friends who have varying levels of experience with Starcraft and RTSes in general. At this point most of them have gotten the hang of the macro game, how to efficiently build their economy, army, and tech. However, they haven’t really mastered the value of scouting and of […]

How do I change the game speed during a match in Starcraft 2 (SC2)?

I was in a game the other day and I saw “<Player> has voted to increase the game speed (fast)” “<Player> has voted to increase the game speed (faster)” I don’t remember the player’s name, but it was show in place of <Player>. This was right after the game started. I’m still in “beginner” mode, […]

What mistakes cost you games when you were Bronze/Silver

I realize this may sound silly, but in the poker game Holdem many of the top pros have said it is much harder to beat a bad player than a good one, because of the crazy random stuff a newbie will do. I’m a bronze leaguer myself, and I’ve taken many of the ideas from […]

How much XP is needed for each level?

I have started leveling my Starcraft 2 account in all 3 races, but I am wondering how much xp is needed for each level, and especially how much is needed in total to reach level 30 so I can get an idea of how long it will take me to get there? I can see […]

Do I need two licenses to play StarCraft 2 multiplayer over a LAN?

I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes”, but if I purchase Starcraft 2, and a friend or my roommate wants to play me using two of my computers both on the same LAN, do I need a second battle.net account and a second license? I ask because another of other RTS games can be played […]

How do I beat medium AI in 5 minutes?

I would like to get ‘beat medium AI in 5 minutes’ achievement. Usually I am playing as terran. Is there special SMALL (TINY) map for that? What is strategy for that? Should I build 1st barrack on opponents base? Should I play some special race against another special? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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