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What does the free edition of Starcraft 2 include?

Free edition: Play the first five missions of the epic single-player campaign and wage unrelenting war on your friends. Does it really mean it includes multiplayer? Are there any limitations? Is the only thing you get from buying the full game is the rest of the campaign?

Is it possible to watch the summary story that is told during the install of Starcraft 2?

The installation process finished before the story recap thing that was being told did and I haven’t been able to find an option to replay that. Is it possible to watch that after the game has been installed?

How many Banelings do I need to wipe different structures?

Wondering if I can find a list of how many Banelings you need to wipe common structures (supply depot, Command centers, pylons, Nexus, fences on the map, etc). I know I could find out empirically but it’d be nice to know beforehand. Any help appreciated!

What is the correct method for the Marine Stutter Step?

A common method of Marine Micro is the “stutter step”. How is this Marine Stutter step done and when should it be used? For example is the Stutter step effective against Banelings, etc.

What's the proper way to deal with someone who Team Kills and harasses you constantly in Starcraft 2?

What can be done against individuals who Team Kills (TK) in games of Starcraft 2? I don’t play the game too much, but it seems this individual does and sometimes we’re paired up as teammates in 3v3 quick matches. I believe the first time we paired up together we didn’t win and I was blamed […]

What's the best counter to marine spam?

I’ve seen this cheesy strategy a few times now – loads of marines with all the upgrades and medivacs. This wasn’t a rush but still wasn’t able to counter playing as zerg. What’s the most effective (zerg) way to counter this strategy?

What is the difference between EPM and APM?

Blizzard introduced EPM as a new stat for watchers of Starcraft2 matches, in one of the last patches. I am a bit confused. What is the difference between EPM and APM? What does each include exactly in the count?

Do early workers really have an exponential effect?

Commentators such as HD sometimes mention that a worker advantage in the early game is of extreme importance since it has an “exponential effect” (here’s an example video which mentions that at the start). While I agree workers have a large impact in the early game, it seems to me that Worker production rate is […]

How do I change my profile / avatar picture on my account for Starcraft II?

My avatar picture defaulted to, I think it’s the photo of the guy from the SCV unit. How do I change this to something else? I can’t seem to find an option for this anywhere.

How do I effectively counter a cannon rush with Zerg?

I was a victim of a cannon rush in my last Starcraft 2 game. I was playing Zerg and my opponent was playing Protoss. About four minutes into the match, cannons and pylons started going up in front of the only entrance to my base. What is the best strategy for handling such a tactic? […]

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