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Who is the voice actress for the Terran adjutant from Starcraft II?

What is her name, and has her voice been used in any other video games?

Replays freeze/don't work after upgrading to Windows 8!

Originally I ran StarCraft 2 on Windows Vista and everything worked fine. A couple of months ago, however, I upgraded my PC to Windows 8. I run Starcraft 2 without any issues, but replays now are working very bad; after 2-3 minutes of playing (usually on x2, x4, x8 speed) it hangs for a while. […]

Playing SC2 Replays with double click

When I double-click on an SC2replay file in brings up SC2 but then nothing happens. How can I get it to play the replay? I am trying with a replay that’s relatively recent… from April. I’m on Windows 7 x64. EDIT: It does not give any sort of error message as far as I can […]

SC2 keeps asking for authenticator code (new 'intelligent' login feature not working anymore)

I’m using Blizzard Authenticator and Starcraft II login screen prompts me each time to enter the code. Everything would appear to be fine, unfortunately it isn’t: Blizzard recently announced that they have updated the authentication system to intelligently track login locations and, if one is consistently connecting from the same place, may not be asked […]

Why is my campaign for Starcraft 2 at two different stages with same profile

I’m using two different computers with the same profile, but when I load on one computer it is way behind the other computer in terms of campaign missions. I’m using the same profile on each computer, why is this?

Is there a way to save more replays in your history in StarCraft II?

Is there a way to save more replays in your history in StarCraft II? in beta you could save WAY more then the 10 that it allows you to save now, is there an option or a registry value that will allow me to save way more then the 10 they let you.

Where can I report SC2 bugs to Blizzard? (also, check out this wild creep glitch)

Took this with my phone hence it’s not pixel accurate like a screen shot would be but you can see what I was seeing, I had been watching a Replay and switched my Textures graphics level then went and joined a 2v2 only to find my creep was looking kind of interesting… what the heck? […]

What can SCVs Repair?

What units and structures in Starcraft can be repaired? Can allied units from other races be repaired?

League promotions halted when Grandmaster is re-calculated?

So lately I’ve noticed that the Grandmaster list is empty (not yet ranked). Before that happened, I saw some unfamiliar players on the top of that list, and when I reviewed their build orders it showed that they were winning simply because the opponent was leaving when the match started. Since this time, I’ve started […]

Should Terran build bunkers after the wall during 2v2?

Let’s consider a match of 2v2 where: Terran is in team with either Zerg or Protoss; Terran can’t wall-in for both bases together (their bases are too far away from each other). From one perspective Terran should close the entrance to their own base with barracks/supply AND bunker. In this case, their 4 marines get […]

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