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Is it too late to start using the sneak playstyle?

I’m level 10 now and all my perks so far have been spent in Destruction (3), Restoration (3), Alchemy (1), and Speechcraft (2). Whilst doing the Thieves’ Guild/Dark Brotherhood quests, I realised that sneaking around and stabbing things is way more fun. Is it too late to start putting my perks into one handed/sneaking, am […]

Are there any usable non-player-owned bookshelves?

Related: What's the quickest & cheapest way to power-level up to 15? So, I’ve made my way to level 15 and I’m almost done with the Oghma Infinium quest. However, I’ve just realized that my rushing technique has left me without a house in my name. Without a house, I have no bookshelf. Without a […]

Can you skip the launcher?

Can you Start Skyrim ‘silent’ without the launcher showing up?

How do I give gifts to children?

I am playing Skyrim – Hearthfire DLC (PC Version), and I have adopted a kid that lives with me in my countryside mansion near Solitude. I have things I am supposed to be able to gift him (clothes, daggers etc) but when I tell him “I have a gift for you…” all options are grayed […]

Do I start out knowing all the cooking recipes in Skyrim?

I’m finding a lot of vegetables on my travels through Skyrim. Two in particular, the Carrot and the Potato, don’t show up in any of the cooking recipes I started out with. Is there some method to learn new cooking recipes in-game, or are you stuck with what you know at the start? If not, […]

Is there any non-enchanted Staff in Skyrim?

I´ve been willing to create a mage character, since there are some good looking staves in the game. But, there is there any way to disenchant those staves ? If yes, is there any non enchanted staff in the game so i can enchant with my own enchantings ?

Does fortify two-handed increase damage done with bows?

It’s unclear to me whether “two-handed” means just two-handed melee weapons, or if it includes bows. Logically, a bow is used with two hands, so it should work, but I want to make sure before I waste a black soul gem on a 13% fortify two-handed magic ring. So, does “Two-handed attacks do 13% more […]

What is the solution to the first Reachwater Rock puzzle

What is the solution to the first Reachwater Rock puzzle, I’ve got the claw (hard to miss) but can’t find any hints as to what the solution might be. Its for the quest to reforge Gauldur’s amulet in the questline Forbidden Legend. Update: I’ve bruteforced the solution, see my answer, if someone can point out […]

Exactly when do I level up in sneak?

I’d like to grind my sneak in Skyrim. Exactly how does the game decide when I level up in sneak? What are the precise conditions or logic the game uses in making this determination? EDIT: I understand that sneaking around and not being noticed will help me level up. I’m looking for exactly what the […]

How do I sell my Elder Scrolls?

These Elder Scrolls are useless after the quests, and they weigh 20 each, I know after I complete the Dawnguard side of the quest I can sell them to Dexion for a disappointing 6000 gold, and I had also noticed that Urag in the Arcanium inside the college of Winterhold will take the Elder Scroll(Dragon) […]

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