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How do I become a Vampire?

I’ve already become a werewolf in Skyrim, but how do you become a vampire? Is there anything special I need to do, or things I shouldn’t do?

Which staffs will be used by followers, when given to them?

I’ve observed followers use staffs that have spells from the Conjuration and Destruction schools of magic only. I am wondering if followers will also use staffs with spells from the other schools of magic or all of the special staffs. Which staffs will be used by followers, when given to them? Or alternatively, which staffs […]

Do quest items weigh anything?

Someone said that quest items don’t count against your carrying capacity in Skyrim, even if they have a weight listed. Is this false?

How do I sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam if I use SKSE?

In my other question, I asked if I could get the Steam overlay in Skyrim if I use the SKSE .exe file. (Reference Question: How can I get the Steam overlay on Skyrim, if I am using the SKSE.exe to launch the game?) I would like to sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam, even though […]

Can I get better prices for items by trading with different people

I haven’t upgraded barter much in Skyrim and I was wondering if that was the only way to get better prices for my loot or if nobles might spend more money for jewlerry or armour

Can I complete Blood on Ice if I finished Battle for Windhelm?

After taking over Windhelm in the Battle for Windhelm, I finally talked to Wuunferth the Unliving. Now it says to patrol the streets, even though the whole place is burned down. I’m still sitting at the Candlehearth Hall waiting and walking around. Is this mission a lost cause now?

When is the darkest time of day?

What does darkness refer to? Light in regards to player-character visibility. Why am I asking this? I want optimal conditions for sneaking, so I want to know what time of day I should be performing covert ops. If you have a suggestion on how to make this question less ambiguous, please comment.

Are dungeons locked at the level when you first enter them?

I read that dungeons are locked at the level when you first enter them. So let’s say I enter a dungeon at level 2 and then later on in the game I do a random quest (the ones you get from the inn keepers) and it sends me back to that dungeon when I am […]

Which achievements can be permanently lost in Skyrim?

My goal is to get all the Skyrim achievements with a single character. I got many of them already by simply playing along and completing certain quest lines. I discovered today that it is possible to take some perfectly normal actions that will stop you from completing an achievement. In my case it is missing […]

How is the inventory of a spouse's shop determined?

Since I married Mjoll the Lioness recently she’s set up shop in my home and it seems like the merchandise she sells varies greatly depending her current location/actual inventory. I traded her things like dragon scales/materials and checked her shop to find those materials listed there as well. If this is the case, I guess […]

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