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How do you bind a console command to a key?

I would like to bind pushactoraway 00000014 1 to a key on my keyboard. Can I create a batch file to do this?

How do I stop the Riften Guards from killing me?

I’m not stupid: I know that the guards kill me when I commit crimes, but I don’t know how to stop it. I saved before I stole the stuff, then I got caught stealing it and accidentally deleted my save. 🙁 Now all the guards in Riften attack me on sight, so I can’t even […]

Which followers are a different level than the Dragonborn?

I’m playing through Skyrim again, and when choosing what follower to use at my level, I noticed that the Elder Scrolls Wiki lists Mjoll the Lioness’s level as PC×1.25 (10-40) UESP says this as well. So, if I’m level 28, Mjoll should be level 35. Are there any other permanent followers with a level that’s […]

'Season Unending' quest – can't start dialog with Ulfric

I can’t start the dialog with Ulfric to do the peace treaty. I had join the Stormcloaks early on in the game but only completed the first mission. And I can’t go any further or continue with that dialog as well.

Is it possible to become Thane of Falkreath without completing the main quests or the civil war quests?

I am following this guide to become Thane of all the holds in Skyrim. The Jarl Siddgeir does not ask me for a drink, I completed Dengeir’s quests. I completed the all the quests Dengeir gave me plus most of the quests for the people of Falkreath. I do not have any more dialogue options […]

How does Unarmed work with the dual attack perks?

So dual flurry effects unarmed but what of dual savagery? If dual savegery does apply doesn’t that dramatically increase damage output by 50%. Also can’t you increase the amount of the enchantment via potion to increase enchanting skill then create or is there a cap on unarmed fortification? Last can anyone here verify that there […]

Why am I snubbing the bow?

I have four favourites that are bound to hotkeys: Long bow (3) Iron sword (2) Flame Sparks While I have a sword in my right hand and Flame in my left I can switch to the bow just fine by pressing 1, but when I switch away from the bow and back to the sword […]

In Skyrim, are the Companion quests still available after taking over Whiterun (Stormcloaks path)?

Being completely new to the game, I randomly decided to help take over Whiterun for the Stormcloaks before I got a chance to finish the Companion quests. Does that mean that the Companion quests are no longer available? Are the options to marry the various Companion members still a possibility after taking over Whiterun? (P.S. […]

Does heavy armour penalize sneaking when I cast Muffle?

In Skyrim, does heavy armour still penalize Sneak when Muffle is cast, or when wearing boots with the Muffle property?

choosing attributes when leveling

I have a thief/archer that so far has nearly even distribution of attributes (magicka/health/stamina) at level 16 with stamina slightly lower. So far my reasoning is: although I am not primarily a mage, magic drains faster because of my thief armor and I plan to dabble more in illusion Stamina lags behind strength because carry […]

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