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How to quickly train Block in Skyrim?

My level 45 character has dragon armor but my Block skill is lagging behind (53 at the moment). How can I train it quickly? Thanks for any and all replies!

Is disenchanting an item the only way to learn enchantments?

If I’m trying to learn a rare or powerful enchantment do I just have to be lucky enough to find a weapon or armour piece that has that specific enchantment? Seems like that could be annoying and very time-consuming if I’m trying to learn all of them. Is there not an equivalent of spell tomes […]

Grand Staff of Charming mission?

I have a Grand Staff of Charming that I cannot drop as it is part of a quest. Does anyone know what quest it is for?

How do Shadow Warrior and Shadowcloak of Nocturnal compare?

I’ve completed the Thieves’ Guild quest line, and been awarded my choice of abilities. One of these abilities is the “Shadowcloak of Nocturnal” which causes me to become invisible if I crouch, but only for a few minutes once a day. At the top of the Sneak perk tree is something similar called Shadow Warrior, […]

Are stacked one-handed damage perks additive or multiplicative?

The One-Handed perk tree contains Armsman: Armsman (One-Handed weapons do 20/40/60/80/100% more damage) And the Stealth perk tree contains two perks which can modify one-handed damage: Backstab (Sneak attacks with one-handed weapons now do 6x damage) Assassin’s Blade (Sneak attacks with daggers now do a total of 15x normal damage) Are the effects of Armsman […]

How do I set hotkeys for my favorites?

I can’t seem to set my hotkeys on the PS3. I did it once on accident and can’t seem to anymore. I believe you’re supposed to press left or right on the D-Pad to set it, but that isn’t working for me. I’m getting quite annoyed having to actually go into the favorites to switch […]

How much can I improve the Nightingale Bow?

I have the perks from the heavy armor side of smithing, and I currently improved my Nightingale bow to Flawless, inflicting 75 damage. I would like to improve it higher. Everyone talks about how armor can be improved infinitely using the Alchemy-Enchant-Smithing loop (thus it’s possible to have hide armor that’s as strong as dragonscale). […]

How to make my follower to wear same type of armor as her default, but improved?

Long story short: my loyal follower Lydia is now a Blade. Upon taking her oath, she got full set of Blades armor and it became her default armor meaning it’s not seen in her inventory – not even when pickpocketing her. I also got my own full set of Blades armor and being good hearted […]

Is there a finite amount of foxes/wolves/horkers, etc.?

Since the corpses of all the wild animals I kill seem to exist in the world forever, I can’t help wonder if there is limited supply of these creatures. If not, how long before new ones are created? And will the dead animal bodies ever decompose?

Visit The College of Winterhold quest uncompletable?

When you meet Faralda at the bridge to the College of Winterhold, there is an option to persuade her to let you across the bridge. However, if you succeed, the misc. quest “Visit The College of Winterhold” will not complete and will never be completeable. Is there a way to fix this, with a console […]

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