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How do I find the Arch-mage at the end of the quest “Under Sarhaal”?

I’ve finished the Under Sarhaal quest on the PS3, and by finished I mean I’m on the last step: Talk to the Arch-mage I have scoured the College, and even gone into the Midden Dark (and out the other side, there’s a great shipwreck out there), and I still can’t find the arch-mage. The ‘arrow’ […]

When are follower levels determined?

I’ve only just discovered, almost thirty levels in, that follower leveling works totally different from what I had assumed, and basically I have to reverse my follower strategy. I had assumed that, since my character was approaching level thirty, it was pointless to pick up any follower capped at level thirty because they’d become obsolete […]

Thieves guild lock box reset

What is the reset timer of the practice lock boxes in the thieves guild? There are 5 lock boxes in the thieves guild with all the different difficulties for opening them. There is also a note in the middle of the chests that says: “These chests are for practice use only. Please Refrain from using […]

Can I alter just the dual-wielding controls?

In a comment on Is it possible to use a shield in one hand and magic in the other?, switching the controls for left arm to left mouse button (and right arm to right mouse button) was mentioned. I think this makes the dual-wielding system much more intuitive – however, I desperately don’t want to […]

What level do i have to be to get Daedric items from the Dremora merchant?

In the Dragonborn DLC you get a power called Black Market which allows you to summon a Dremora merchant to trade with. You are supposed to be able to frequently buy Daedric items from him when you reach a certain level but I don’t know what level that is. I am a level 36 dark […]

Entering the Winterhold College in Skyrim

Im trying to enter the Winterhold College. Feralda wants me to summon a Flame Atronach. It’s not letting me do this spell. Help?

Problem with the house mannequin disappearing

Ok, so I have two mannequin inside my brand new house in Solitude. Anytime I put anything on them for armor that particular body part disapears until there isn’t even a stand showing but it is still there if I mouse-over it. If I remove anything on it, it all reappears except for the piece […]

How can I advance the Companion's questline?

I am stuck on the Companions questline. In my journal, “Proving Honor” is marked as completed, but the top objective “Return to Jorrvaskr” isn’t filled in, so it may be bugged. The Silver Hand quest has not been started. When I talk to any of the leaders, they say “Didn’t Skjor already give you a […]

Is there a glitch in the quest Revealing the Unseen?

I’m at the portion of the “Revealing the Unseen” quest (from the College of Winterhold) where I have to go to Mzulft and enter the ruins. However, when I try to interact with Gavros Plinius, the man slumped on the floor to the right when I enter the ruins, I cannot enter a conversation with […]

Is there any way to leave Skuldafn without a re-load?

So, I’m starting to feel like I made the trip to Skuldafn woefully unprepared. I’ve managed to take down a fair number of the mobs that awaited me here, but I’m out of health pots and pushing the limits of my carry cap. Is there any way I can go home to sell my loot […]

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