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What level should I be to kill Alduin

I am level 31 and I have the Elder Scroll. I am not sure if my level is high enough to go to Whiterun and trap one of Alduin’s minions. What level should I be before I attempt it?

Skyrim FPS is about 5-10 FPS with Meminfo and 15-20 with ATT?

I’ve installed the -Elys- Meminfo module and it shows me a lower framerate then with ATT. Who lies? Isn’t this framerate too low to play the game? But I’m already level 39 and 100+ hours? Why is the -Elys- Meminfo don’t work with ATT together? I must terminate ATT to read the Meminfo module. I […]

Is there a backstab animation in skyrim?

I am just wondering if in Skyrim there is a backstab animation, when using a small blade and sneaking behind an opponent, much like the regular slo mo animations that occur when getting a critical hit kill? (is this a slash to the throat? simple backstab? does this differ and occur on human/monster targets?)

Companions Radiant Quests: No Quests Available?

I’ve finished the last of the Companion Quests (Glory of the Dead) and am now the Harbinger. Since then, I’ve done one of the radiant quests from Farkas (or Vilkas–can’t keep those guys straight). Now, I have the Miscellaneous quest to ask one of the Companion leaders for work, but when I talk to any […]

Why won't my follower, Serana, follow me?

I told my follower (Serana) to wait. But this is different. I told her to go somewhere and wait so it will activate the enemies. Well it did and I killed them. But Serana seems to be not following me anymore. I can’t tell her to follow me. And she is constantly in a squatting […]

Restore the Thieves guild – Special Mission in Solutide

I seem to be having some trouble getting to the special mission in Solutide. I’ve been keeping count, multiple times, of the number of missions I’ve been doing for Vex and Delvin. At the moment I’ve got a count of 13 solitude missions. 5 of those for Vex, 5 for Delvin, and the other 8 […]

Thieves Guild Special Job Bug

I completed enough thieves guild radiant quests to get a “special” job from Delvin. I talked to Delvin to get the special job, and there was nothing added to my quest log. Now every time I get near him he tells me my work has been noticed and that we got a special job, but […]

Graphical deterioration in gameplay?

In skyrim I must have had about 50 hours gameplay or something on one of my older saves and the game started slowing down and sticking and the surroundings started to lose Graphical clearance sometimes going to complete blankness in certain areas… I recently started a new game and it automatically saved over that save […]

How to spot an imminent dragon attack?

I have noticed strange things happen right before dragons attack. How do I know when it’s Time to grab my bow?

Where are the save files in Skyrim?

I can’t find those that I need to delete. What’s the location of those files? How can we manage them?

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