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Can I get back to Skyrim from Sovngarde?

I’m at Sovngarde, I’ve used all my healing potions and I can not defeat the guy who’s gaurding the bridge. Is there anyway to go back to skyrim and buy potions? Is there any other way I can get potions? Or, Can I summon a dragon in Sovngarde? I’m level 25 magicka is 140 health […]

What determines when you do a finishing move?

Sometimes, when fighting an enemy, your character will do a special move, with a third person view animation, instantly killing the enemy. But these types of moves seem to be random, sometimes being used on enemies with nearly full health, other times not having a finishing move at all during a whole fight. What are […]

Why can't I do anything any more?

I have played Skyrim for xbox 360 for a long time now, but recently I’ve encountered a bug. I can’t talk to anybody, I can’t select anything, I can’t open doors and I can’t fight any more. All I can do is walk and run. I can be killed but I can’t fight. Even if […]

Is there is website that explains the game mechanics for Skyrim

I am looking for a somewhat comprehensive site to explain the game mechanics to me. I have not (nor do I want to) play any other Elder Scrolls game and picked this one up on a whim. Unfortunately the in game tutorial only explains how to move (For those who find this hard to figure […]

Soul Gems losing their soul

I had Lesser Soul Gems stored in my cupboard they were definately filled before I took them out (they had (Lesser) beside them) but then when i took them out they were empty 🙁 just wondering if this is a known glitch or just me. I’ve done it with more than one Gem so it […]

So, what did happen on that drunken night anyway?

So, I have “A Night to Remember” as one of my (very many) open side-quests as I’m idly exploring some random wooded area I happened upon… Then, I come across Witchmist Grove, where I find a Hagraven. Strange thing about this Hagraven is that she was actually named (Moira, I think) and didn’t immediately go […]

Where are the language settings in the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim?

I’ve bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in german store. Whole game use german language. But some time ago I’ve bought GTA: Episodes from Liberty City and I changed language in the menu. But how to do it in Skyrim?

How do I give Wujeeta a potion?

So, I’m trying to do the Skooma Trade mission but it won’t seem to let me give Wujeeta a healing potion so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Do I have to reverse pickpocket it into her inventory or something?

What parts of Autorun need to be disabled to avoid Autosave lag in Skyrim?

I’ve read that disabling Autosave in Skyrim helps to avoid the lag it can create after the savefile has exceeded a certain threshold. However, I’m wondering if it really is all of Autosave that needs to be disabled, or just some parts? On the PS3, Autosave options are: Save on Rest Save on Wait Save […]

How do I Find an Escaped Prisoner?

I have a quest from the ‘Companions’ to kill an escaped prisoner. He is said to be roaming Haarfingar. When I bring up the journal and highlight the quest, It offers no clues on the map. I have been to Solitude and search a few keeps etc. Also tried the ‘Clairvoyance’ abilty. In all honesty […]

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