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Do magic resistance and flame, frost and shock resistance stack?

I enchanted every possible piece of my armor with a magic resistance enchantment, but as that are only two pieces of armor if you don’t use a shield I decided to add some elemental resistances on the other armor pieces. So I now have two times magic resistance, some shock resistance from my armor and […]

Is there a way to get rid of the old enchant?

I have come across many enchanted items of the same sort. For example Items of Sneak that increase sneak skill by different percentages. Now throughout my game i think i have found out that when you disenchant an item of sneak, you cannot disenchant an iten of sneak with a higher enchant. For example you […]

What is the highest level affected by the frenzy effect?

I am interested in making an illusion mage but first I need to know if its feasible at high levels. Here are the points I’m most interested in: What is the highest level enemy I can affect with frenzy, taking into account of all illusion perks, dual casting, and whatever else that can be stacked […]

What actions freeze time?

Some actions freeze time, like opening your inventory, pickpocketing someone, opening your favourites etc. Recently I was going to talk to someone, and I noticed someone else I hadn’t spoken to, so I spoke to them first. By the time I’d finished, my first target had wondered off. I thought that speaking to someone would […]

What is the least damaging creature in Skyrim?

So there are a number of exploits that require an enemy nearby, but for the case of armor or blocking skills you need to be getting hit. So I was curious. Of all the creatures in Skyrim, that will attack you, what does the lease damage? Per hit or Per minute. I’m not interested in […]

Does the steed stone boost sneaking?

The steed stone seems to make any piece of armor I wear weight 0 (i.e. not added to my encumbrance value). Since sneaking is based on how heavy the armor I’m wearing is, will having the steed bonus make my armor no longer penalized for sneaking?

What does “improve them twice as much” mean with respect to smithing perks?

Most of the perks on the Smithing skill tree seem to unlock new material/construction types that can be crafted. The description is always along the lines of: Can create <material> armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much. As far as I can tell I can still only perform a single upgrade […]

How do I find out what version my Skyrim is patched to?

Today’s Skyrim patch has some unfortunate side effects. I’ve turned off updates for the game in Steam for the time being, but I can’t find anywhere that indicates whether it’s already been updated or not. Steam and silent patching aside, it’s useful to know what version of the game you’re running, especially once mods start […]

What strategy should I use to beat a Hagraven as a Sneaky Archer?

As part of the quest The Blessings of Nature, I have to retrieve Nettlebane from a nice creature called Hagraven. Nidoru, my level 10 female wood elf sneaky archer, is having much trouble against Hagraven’s Goku-like long range fire powerful attacks. What do you think should be Nidoru’s plan of action for this battle?

Do I lose quest items in jail?

I need to go to jail in solitude but I don’t want to lose my quest items. Do they get taken or do I get them back?

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