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Is there any way to fully clear a stormcloak/imperial camp?

Having completed the Civil War quest line for the imperials, it was mentioned in passing that I might meet Stormcloaks out in the wilderness and I should do my best to dispatch them. However, the two Stormcloak camps that I have happened upon and assaulted have had immortal named NPCs in them (I assume quest-givers […]

How do I get powdered mammoth tusk?

Am I missing something? I can find plenty of tusks, but I just don’t know if I can make them into powder myself or do I have to find them for sale?

How do I improve my house?

I received a book that told me I need to talk to someone to improve my house in Whiterun. Who is this person, and where can I find them?

Is there a spell for carrying more weight?

As far as remember, in Oblivion there is a spell for carrying more weight. Is there a similar spell in Skyrim?

Enchanter's Elixir not providing a 25% boost

My Enchanting is at level 100, and I have: Enchanter (5/5) Fire Enchanter Insightful Enchanter Corpus Enchanter Extra Effect Here is a chart of the effect: (tested) (tested) (theoretical) (theoretical) (actual) Glass Boots: base base+grand Elixir(*1.25) +Necromage(*1.31) Actual resist fire +15% +46% +58% +60% +54% regen stamina +10% +31% +39% +40% +36% Game version is […]

How much damage does after burn do?

I know that burning enemies take extra damage from after burn, but how much damage does after burn deal?

Is it possible to realistically use Lydia for the entire game?

I’m concerned with the information I’ve gathered about followers, namely the tidbit about how a follower’s stats and level are set to yours when you acquire them. I’ve heard of console commands that supposedly reset a follower, allowing you to level them up with you as you progress through the game, but I don’t play […]

What do the red x's on the physical map represent?

Folks who buy a physical copy get a physical map to go with it: What do these x’s mark? Standing stones? Shrines?

What happens when I capture a petty soul but have only grand soul gems?

When using soul trap on creatures where the soul size doesn’t match up with the soul gems I have in my inventory, what exactly happens then? If I capture a soul that is too small for my soul gem, do I automatically waste a large soul gem on a small soul? So, do I have […]

When Conjuring a weapon do you receive conjure points as well as one-handed weapon points?

I Love conjuring and I am an imperial. I have a conjure sword spell and I am wondering if it will give me exp toward conjuring as well as one-handed weapons. Thanks

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