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Keyboard problem with Skyrim

I have an international keyboard, and my customized my layout so that the letters P and O and I are written, when I type the keys on which there are my national(country) letters painted on. I have this custom layout because I my normal P O and I keys are unresponsive(broken), and since I literally […]

How did the Greybeards learn shouts?

I visited the Greybeards and heard their explanation of the Thu’um. However, I must have missed something. They said that is the way the rest of us learn shouts. Okay, how did “the rest of” us learn shouts, exactly? I don’t want to reload too far. If anything, I wonder if there is a site […]

Why does my Fortify Restoration potion also improve Enchanting and Alchemy?

Why does a Fortify Restoration potion also augment seemingly unrelated skills that aren’t mentioned in the name?

Will Skyrim work properly if mods and main files are split over two HDDs?

I would like to know if anyone has experience running skyrim and it’s mods across two separate data drives. I am upgrading my rig to a solid state, but it is only 500GB. If I want to play a game like Skyrim, with main game files installed on the SSD, and the mods on an […]

What is the console command to skip quests?

I know you can skip a quest by using CompleteQuest but that doesn’t work for me. It will go away from my quest tab but still be on the map, and I can’t continue. Is there another way to skip a quest?

Skyrim sudden FPS drop during zone transition

Does anyone know how to fix an issue where changing zones (immediately after loading screen appears) FPS drops to single digits. Restarting the game is a workaround but I’m looking for a long-term fix.

Where are the missing books?

During the “Hitting the books” mission, I had the fight with the caller; the game guide says the books are on her body. I searched her and the entire room including surrounding rooms but no books anywhere. Does anyone know where they are or has anyone experienced this problem?

What are the possible quest rewards from the civil war storyline?

Im trying to decide between joining the Stormcloaks or the Imperials. I intend to decide based off the potential rewards from each side. What are the possible rewards for completing either the Stormcloak or Imperial side of the civil war quest chain?

Missing options in carpenter's workbench

So I have a PS3 and all the DLC’s (downloadable content) one of which is Hearthfire. So, I have since made, completed and moved in my family (husband, kids) into my first finished house. I’ve been feeling pretty cluttered and like I needed more room so I decided to go see if it was possible […]

Skyrim Companion's quest “Striking the Heart.”

I went where it told me to go in Valheim Towers but there isn’t anyone there and I don’t know what to do.

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