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How does city resource trading work?

I ask because I’m having issues. I tried the obvious space saving measure of having water/power/sewage on one city and zoning and developing more another city. It worked for quite a while, but now for some reason the city I play more in is lacking power. It says there are 98MW available from the neighboor […]

What are the stats for the MegaTower segments?

Cities of Tomorrow introduced MegaTowers, which have many different segments which can be built. So far I know these: LW Residential: 800 workers, 400 shoppers and 200 students. 800 cost per hour, 1200 rent per hour T1 Office: 1200 LW, 400 MW and 100 HW workers. 900 cost per hour, 1900 rent per hour. (no […]

Why is my coal power plant not receiving coal?

I am building an industrial city that has a coal power plant, an advanced coal mine, an ore mine, a smelting plant and a trade port to store any excess materials in. My power levels have just gone critical on account of my coal power plant running out of coal; (Yes I know the power […]

How do regions handle the division of excess utility capacities?

I have two cities in a region. The old one has plenty of water, electricity and sewage treatment resources to spare. The second city I want to specialize, and not use up precious room for these utilities. In the second city, Im warned for a water deficit. Clicking on the water button I can see […]

Running SimCity in the background

I’ve found that a lot of this game involves simply waiting for money to roll in. It would be really nice to be able to build a city up to a point where it is ‘stable’, and then simply let the city run in the background accumulating wealth while I do other more productive and […]

Cities cooperation and services

If I give city services vehicles to other city, are those vehicles off duty in my town? Do they know when they are needed or I need to call them manually? How efficient is this? In all my cities citizens have same complaints, “there are too many injuries”. In a small city, I have a […]

How do you increase the population of the Arcology?

We finally built our Arcology! It’s up and running but we each still have an outstanding task – “Increase the Arcology population!”; Looking on the Arcology great work site overview doesn’t really reveal what it is we need to do either; How do you increase the population of the Arcology?

Does demolishing or closing city hall upgrades and specialization HQs affect the region the same way it affects my city?

When I close or demolish an upgrade, any ploppable unlocked by that addon is automatically closed as well. Will the same thing happen to other cities in the region? I don’t want to accidentally troll other cities if I decided to shut down upgrades I don’t need anymore.

Do I have to monitor the junk that fills in empty space?

When there’s not enough room in a zoned area to put up a building, it gets filled with a random piece of “junk” instead. This is most obvious in industrial zones because they tend to have larger space requirements, but it happens in residential areas too. Sometimes I see junk appear in areas that actually […]

Does a great work bring benefits to the entire region or just to the 4 cities which built it?

In a big region of 16 cities there are 4 great works to build but not every city can built them, just the four which surround them. Will the Great work bring benefits to the entire region or only to the cities surrounding them?

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