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Skyrim Good Intentions / Revealing the Unseen Quest Glitch?

I’m stuck in the College of Winterhold questline because of a glitch between the quests “Good Intentions” and “Revealing the Unseen.” After talking to the Augur of Dunlain, I return to the Archmage Savos Aren to finish the quest, and he gives me the Mage’s Circlet and finishes “Good Intentions.” The problem is, the next […]

What are the dangers of your PS3 shutting down when it's not supposed to?

Various PlayStation 3 operations prompt you not to shut down your console while they are in progress. For example, you are to avoid shutting down your console while performing one of the following: Updating the firmware Installing games/patches Saving a game’s progress Some of these operations are quite lengthy, making me feel very uneasy until […]

Can I transfer my content to another user account?

Due to the recent PSN outage and I am getting rid of my PS3. I bought my PS3 back in 2007 and I have purchased a bunch of games and add-ons over the years. Is there any way to recover this content and sell it/transfer it to another PSN user account? Also, is there a […]

Can I backup or restore my old PS3 hard drive to a new PS3?

My PS3 just YLOD’d. I’m hoping its just a temporary overheating issue and if I just leave it off and unplugged for the day I can get it back on long enough to eject the game disc and backup the hard drive. From reading up on the YLOD, it sounds like this a sign that […]

How could I know what caused the Yellow Light Of Death?

I had the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) on my PS3. I found many videos on YouTube that explain how to repair it. I read and search a bit further and the problem may be caused by a disc error or a power supply failure or a “reflow” How could I know what caused the […]

How should I clean the fans on PS3?

My 40gb PS3 has recently started making dirty fan noises. On my PC I would remove a side panel and clean everything out with a can of compressed air. But I’m unsure if this is the correct procedure for a PS3. So: What is the best practice for cleaning the fans on PS3? Can I […]

Can you charge the PS3 wireless controller over regular USB?

I normally charge the PS3 controller by connecting it to the PS3 while its idling, but I guess it’s much easier to charge it through my PCs USB port. Would this work?

Easy way to clean a DualShock 3?

My 8-year-old niece played on my PS3 at Christmas, and ever since the X button on the DualShock 3 controller has been very sticky and has made most games unplayable with that controller. A Google search turned up lots of hits for instructions on taking it apart to clean it, but it sounds like a […]

How to password protect my ps3 console

Can anyone let me know how to prevent others from using my ps3 console by using a password,just like a PC does.

Which console to buy for Rock Band 3

I do not currently own any consoles, but Rock Band 3 looks so appealing for me that I am considering buying a console solely for that game. Discounting Nintendo DS, the game supports PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Naturally I’ve been looking at the cheapest console – the Wii – as the leading option; […]

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