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Official list of games with locked savegames

On PS3, some savegames are locked, meaning that you cannot backup them and move them to another console. They can only be transfered on a new PS3 system through the online PS+ program facility ($$) or by transferring data from the old system to the new one through provided system tool on the console. (Problem […]

Easiest way to screenshot an XBox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii Game?

What’s the easiest way to take a screenshot of an XBox 360 or other console game? Do I really have to buy a video card with HDMI/HDTV support, plug the XBox into that, and do the screen cap on the computer? What about a way to do this within the XBox itself, or by using […]

Are PS3 games exactly the same between PAL and NTSC?

I know that PS3 games are region free. I’m not sure whether there is any sort of quality difference if you play PAL games on an NTSC PS3 or vice versa. Does anyone know?

How can I install Firefox on the PS3?

As the title suggests, I’m trying to install Firefox on the PS3. Can it be done? Or is it possible to install any other browser?

Why is my PS3's internet so slow compared to my computer?

OK so I ran a speed test on my computer and my PS3. The results were stunning! Computer: 14.12 Mbps PS3: 0.89 Mbps When I ran this test I disconnected all devices except for the one that was running the test. Is the PS3’s network card just bad, is it the browsers slow Flash rendering, […]

Is the slim PS3 capable of playing PS1 and PS2 games?

I used to have one of the bulky PS3’s (recently deceased) and in the future, I am planning on buying a slim PS3 since it has extra data space. Now one thing that I really liked about my old model was that it enabled me to play PS1 and PS2 games on it, especially since […]

Why is it so difficult to emulate PS2 games in a PS3?

I know that PS2 games can only be played in a ‘fat’ PS3 with the right hardware to run it. But why is so difficult to emulate a PS2 game in the PS3 without that hardware? Is the processor, the architecture, both? Thanks in advance.

How do I recover a lost Borderlands 2 game?

In Borderlands 2 on PS3, I tried starting a new game to see what it was like playing as another class, but didn’t like having to start from scratch. So, I tried to go back to my original levelled up character – and discovered I was stuck in the new game. I recovered my original […]

Can I transfer a profile onto a different PS3 account?

My dad set up a PS3 profile for me a while ago on his PS3 with an account he made since I didn’t have my own e-mail address at the time. Now I have my own PS3 and e-mail address and would like to transfer my old profile onto my own PS3. Since it’s under […]

How do I stop my PS3 from making so much noise?

I believe that my PS3 is full of dust and therefore the fan goes on max as soon as I start a game. How can I get rid of the dust inside on the heat sinks and fans without destroying something?

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