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How can I turn off my TV without turning off my PS3?

I’ve got it set up so the PS3 and TV communicate via HDMI and turning one or the other on/off turns them both on/off. If I’m in the middle of a video game (and paused) I can turn off the TV without the console shutting down. However, if I’m just at the downloads management screen […]

How can I use an Xbox 360 controller with a PlayStation 3?

My PS3 has basically gathered dust for half a year since I’m not feeling the controller. What are my most reasonable options for using a Xbox 360 controller on a PS3 (preferably wireless, but I have both wired and wireless)?

How to eliminate Rocksmith audio delay completely

I’m playing Rocksmith on my PS3 and I have my video going out via HDMI and my audio going out via a fiber optic connection. There is a small delay between the time I pluck a string and audio comes through my speaker system. I’ve read in manual that switching to RCA cables for audio […]

Is it possible to circumvent European censorship?

I’ve bought South Park: The Stick of Truth on the European PSN. Unfortunately, some scenes (mainly the abortion and anal probe scenes) are censored: I first thought it was a joke, as the censored messages are quite funny, but it’s not. Does someone know a way to get around this censorship? For example, can I […]

How can I delete PS3 trophies?

The demo for Super Stardust HD added its trophy list to my PS3. I don’t plan on buying that game and don’t want to see its list of trophies for the rest of my life. Any way to delete them? Update: you can vote for this feature on the Playstation.Blog Share site.

Sharing saves with different user accounts on the same PS3

I recently came home with a shiny PS3 game and my wife and I were so excited to start playing that we didn’t pay attention/didn’t care which account was currently active. So 2 days later, after 18 hours playtime, she jumped on her user account and there was no option to Load, only to Start […]

How do I tell which games have local cooperative multiplayer?

I’ve always wanted a gaming console. I figured I wanted a PS3 but when I looked into it it seems like Xbox 360 has more games that support couch coop ( = 2 player on the same console) I want to buy the console that has the most local cooperative multiplayer games. The specific games […]

PS3 graphics Stretching Glitch

I’ve been having some Graphics glitches with the assassins creed series (specifically 2/BH/Rev) and until today I assumed it was an issue with the game itself. There are times where the textures/polygons seem to stretch out forever. Similar to: Some Reading would suggest its a heating/dust problem and could lead to the YLOD. So at […]

What is the best way to clear the harder trials in SSFIV on PS3 without a fightstick?

My main is Ryu and even tho I’ve beaten the game on the hardest setting and gotten my rank just about to B online I still am having trouble beating about half of the trials. I was just wondering if they are possible without a fightstick (if so any tips?) or am I just basically […]

Can I get a save for PS3 that alters Mass Effect 1 decisions?

As I can’t seem to find Mass Effect 1 on PS3 and have been informed that it was made for 360 only, is there any way to get a save for PS3 to make the changes in ME3 based on decisions made in it, or do I just have to miss it and forget about […]

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