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Neighbor controlling my PS3 or random buttons triggered?

I have a Playstation 3 which I use for gaming and streaming video. Often times, my PS3 is controlled by a mysterious force, which I can only assume is my neighbor. I live in the city in a row house, so our neighbor’s living room is likely just one (very thick) wall away. Is there […]

How do I set hotkeys for my favorites?

I can’t seem to set my hotkeys on the PS3. I did it once on accident and can’t seem to anymore. I believe you’re supposed to press left or right on the D-Pad to set it, but that isn’t working for me. I’m getting quite annoyed having to actually go into the favorites to switch […]

Is it a common bug, that the screen turns blue and textures become missing indoors in Fallout: New Vegas? Is there a solution?

I have been playing Fallout: New Vegas quite a bit, despite the following bug. It occured after only playing for a couple of hours and even persisted after I cleared the game data and reinstalled from the disc. The bug is as follows. In area which are either indoors or lit by an ambient light […]

For Dragon Age: Inquisition, how do I move my old save files from one system to another?

I am going to buy the game soon, and I am wondering if there is any way I can load the game files that are currently on my older PC? I am thinking about getting Dragon Age: Inquisition on my PS3 as my computers are not strong enough, any more, for such a game. Is […]

In Portal 2, can you transfer ps3 saved data to a pc to continue playing with same profile?

Since you get both versions is it possible to start on one platform and move to another? Is there a way or need to convert files?

Is Braid on PS3/PC different in any way? Is there a definitive choice?

gals and things, I’m one of the few poor souls who hasn’t played Braid yet. I don’t have an xbox so my choices are PS3 or PC. The game came out on both platforms a little while after the xbox version, so I was wondering if the content on all three is the same. Are […]

Does Wipeout HD Fury (disc) support 3D?

I am one of those guys that prefer buying games on discs instead of getting them “virtually” from online stores. Thus I wanted to buy Wipeout HD Fury on disc, but found some forums that complained about the disc version not supporting 3D. Apparently 3D only would work with the downloaded version. My TV and […]

Is PS3 / PS4 Online Multiplayer Cross-Platform?

So now the PS4 is out… Does anyone know if PS4’s and PS3’s online multi-player is cross-platform? For example, can someone playing COD:Ghosts on a PS3 play with someone on COD:Ghosts on a PS4?

Are console games locked to a certain region?

I’m going on a vacation from Europe to the US and was planning of bringing along some Xbox360 or PS3 games, but now I’m curious if they will be compatible with my European Xbox. In that past there would be a clear difference between NTSC and PAL games, but is this still the case with […]

How to disable voice chat in GTA V?

How do I shut down the voice chat? I can’t find any options to silence other players.

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