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PS3 restore backup restores no data

My PS3’s blu-ray drive died recently, so I performed a backup with the Backup Utility and sent my console in for repair. About a week later I received a replacement PS3 from Sony and have attempted to restore using my backup. But, the backup utility has restored NO DATA! I have tried logging in to […]

How do I fix input lag on my new HDTV

I recently purchased a new 55 inch LED HDTV, I hooked my ps3 up to it (HDMI) and now I experiance about a half a second delay when I press a button and the action is preformed on the TV. This never happened on my old TV, I’ve looked around and can’t find any solutions […]

Gta 5 social club

I used to play gta 5 online on my ps3 but it ended up breaking and I can’t use it anymore I purchased the game for xbox 360 and started playing the game all over again and some of you know how hard that can be specially online.. So I was wondering if I could […]

If I buy a PS3 game second hand, will I still get all the content?

A friend of mine is considering Assassins Creed: Revelations, collectors edition and they arew worried that as it’s pre-owned that they won’t be able to access all the content, both stuff in the box such as the multiplayer character that might have to be activated, and downloadable content, that might require a certain login. I […]

What parts of Autorun need to be disabled to avoid Autosave lag in Skyrim?

I’ve read that disabling Autosave in Skyrim helps to avoid the lag it can create after the savefile has exceeded a certain threshold. However, I’m wondering if it really is all of Autosave that needs to be disabled, or just some parts? On the PS3, Autosave options are: Save on Rest Save on Wait Save […]

Will the PSN Download of GTA5 onto a solid state drive perform better than the standard disc install?

I’m playing Grand Theft Auto 5 a lot and am wondering if I’ll get a performance improvement (loading speed/ rendering) if I bought the digital version off PSN. I’m using a reconditioned PS3 Slimline 160gig model with a 250gig Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD250 Solid State Drive. The idea of running the entire game seemed like […]

Graphical deterioration in gameplay?

In skyrim I must have had about 50 hours gameplay or something on one of my older saves and the game started slowing down and sticking and the surroundings started to lose Graphical clearance sometimes going to complete blankness in certain areas… I recently started a new game and it automatically saved over that save […]

Why is my wired Internet connection slow on my PS3?

My ISP connection is 30 meg down and 5 up. My PlayStation 3 is hardwired with cat5e. All of the PlayStation Network ports are configured and forwarded on my router. The test: Go to speakeasy with PS3 and perform test with Seattle. This is the best glass backbone to Montana. I am lucky if I […]

Transferring save games to a system without DLC

Incidentally related: Will offline progress on another system update trophies on my system or PSN account? While I’m spending the weekend at a friend’s house, I’d like to make some progress on some of my games. However, my friend may not have a license for some of the DLC I have in those games. Aside […]

How are Gran Turismo online games physically hosted?

A group of my friends have been having regular GT5 evenings using Community > User > My Lounge. We were wondering how games are physically hosted. Are they managed by one of the PlayStations (denoted by the crown next to the username?) or are they managed by the PSN (GT5? Polyphony?) servers? Last night the […]

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