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What font is used in Pokemon X and Y?

It is mostly used in subtitles and in the credits. Here the example:

Can you catch Keldeo in Pokemon X/Y?

Can you tell me what event you can get a Keldeo in?

Early money making strategies

So I have read all the answers to this question here about how to grind money. This however seems to be an end-game money grind as they all mention Le Wow and the one indepth answer says two level 100 pokemon with this that and the other along with a 100,000 buy in. What I […]

Pokemon X and Y Hacked Pokemon

I got a shiny Rayquaza on Pokémon White 2. It has the normal ability, and normal stats/moves, but it was caught in Sinnoh on level 41. I would like to know if it is hacked, would it affect my Pokémon X game? Would the save file corrupt?

How many steps is one run around Prism Tower?

How many steps is in one complete circle around Prism Tower? In case the amount of steps change depending on where you are on the circle, I am one spot away from the Diggersby, away from the tower.

When to use evolutionary stones

I’m trying to breed an Eevee with perfect IVs that I will later evolve to a Vaporeon. I know how to breed but I’m not sure if there is another factor that I have to look at while leveling it. One of the things is the usage of the water stone. Should I use it […]

What is the difference between Affection and Friendship, if any?

I’ve risen Pokemon Amie Affection to 5 hearts on my Riolo in the hopes that it will evolve as soon as it levels up, but I’m not certain that this is the same thing as friendship, and I’d like to not waste a level. My question is this: What is the difference between Pokemon Amie […]

Where do you get the first generation legendaries in X and Y?

I am aware that there are three 6th generation pokemon, but apparently you are able to get the legendary bird trio (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) and Mewtwo (for mega evolutions). How do you get these pokemon in Pokemon X/Y?

Increase Poké Miles yield from Streetpass?

What determines how many Poké Miles you earn from Streetpasses, and is it possible to increase it? I ask because I always only earn a single Poké Mile per hit, which seems hilariously low considering any kind of online interaction yields far, far higher numbers – I think a single Wonder Trade yields about 40. […]

What is a good Pokemon that has the ability Drizzle?

I am building a Drizzle team (All Pokemon gain boosts from rain) for Pokemon X and Y. What non-banned Pokemon gets the ability naturally? This Pokemon has to be one that is available for random online battles and following legendary rules.

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