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Will I keep my progress if I change account?

I have been playing for almost 2 days, and today it is asking me to sign up again. I have all my game saved in my google account, but I wonder if I just log in from a trainer account will I keep my progress?

What are the type elements vulnerabilities?

Which type element pokemon is strong/weak against each one? Water -> Fire? Plant -> Water? I think every pokemon has a element type, and every element is stronger against another one.

What's the best strategy for early play in Pokemon-Go?

I am still unable to play Pokemon-Go but I want to have a solid strategy when I can finally play. Are there any special ways of catching up quickly in XP for someone who will start for the first time?

How does the new catch bonus work in Pokémon Go?

With the latest updates (0.41.2 for Android, 1.11.2 for iOS) in Pokémon Go, they have introduced catch bonuses. The update blurb states: Trainers can earn a catch bonus for a Pokémon type as they catch more of a specific type It appears that if you catch a specific type of Pokémon, you are more likely […]

Change Email and password + New Account

I was just wondering if you could help me. I want to give my account to my niece since I have put some money into it. I’m tired of playing but she loves it. How can I switch the Email address?? Do you know? Please help if you can… Thanks, Dita PS: When I tried […]

Can't see a map or select pokémon

I have problem with Pokémon Go. When I meet with professor he wants from me to select one of those three pokémon but I can’t select any of them. Nothing happens when I click any of them. Also my map is blue. When I launch this game I get “GPS signal not found” but I […]

Whats better Pokemon Attacking

I have 2 Pidgeot, one has a special attack of 25 with 4 blue bars the other a special attack of 60 with one blue bar. I assume the blue bars are the number of times you can use that attach when it is fully charged so the 25 deals 100 damage the other only […]

How to catch pokemon

After catching the first pokemon you are left to catch pokemon as you wish with no further explanation on how best to catch these pokemon. After throwing around 10 balls and having them hit away/dodged and just rolling pathetically on the ground, I realised there must be a technique I missed. How should you approach […]

How to do you find and acquire all the Pokemon Go candy colors?

There are different candy colors in Pokemon Go. Where can each color be found?

Lost my 10km egg and don't know why

I was 0.5km off hatching a 10k egg so I left the game on whilst driving to sneak the odd 0.1 of a km when I pick my phone up once stopped the egg had disappeared and the incubator was empty and no new or extra Pokemon were to be seen ….. Why is this

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