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Are there any ways to increase your chances of capturing a Pokemon?

I’ve come across a wild Pokemon with a red circle around it and it broke out of the Pokeball rather quickly. Is there something I can do next time to increase my chances of capturing it?

Are there Legendary Pokémon available now, in the wild?

Even though the game is pretty much in Beta, I was just wondering if anyone has encountered a Legendary by any chance, or even if they are being distributed as we speak. Does anyone have any insight of Pokémon distributions so far?

Formula to calculate Pokemon Go CP and HP?

Assuming I know the Pokemon type, its attack, defense and stamina IVs (between 0 and 15), and the Pokemon level, how can I calculate its exact combat and health points? It seems the formula has been cracked down by now, but I could not find it on the web. More specifically, here are my current […]

What does the battery saver do in PokemonGo?

Like the title asks, will this actually save battery, or will it shut off features after a certain amount of time? Note: this is the iPhone version.

Can Gyarados be found in the wild?

For several pokémon I found their evolutions in the wild. For example Tentacruel, Raticate and Pidgeotto. I was wondering if Gyarados maybe is an exception because of the exceptional high evolve cost of Magikarp? I can imagine that they really want you to evolve a Magikarp in this case. So, has anyone found a wild […]

How is (52000 / 50000) gym prestige possible?

I set-up a level 10 gym today. After hitting 50,000, I wanted to bump prestige up a little more but could not. A few hours later the gym was briefly attacked and prestige fell to 47,000. I fought back and raised prestige to 49,000, then left for a few hours. Someone chipped-in with gym defense […]

Does the XP bonus from the XP event stack with a Lucky Egg?

The XP Event started Nov 23 UTC time. Do we get 4x the XP with the double XP event together with a lucky egg when we spin a Pokestop, catch a Pokemon, or evolve? Or is it only 2x max?

Do all eggs give the same rewards when hatched?

I hatched my first egg couple of hours ago and I got a udge surprise as a reward. That’s what I got from my 5 km egg : A Porygon, 74 cp 17 candies 1000 xp over 9000 dust (joke I got around 1400…) Are every eggs this much worth to hatch? Should I focus […]

Do Lure Modules Stack?

Can multiple people put a Lure Module on the same PokeStop at the same time, and does it increase the amount of Pokemon that appear?

What does “Battles Won” refer to?

I have just seen this on the top Pokémon on a gym. This is the first time I’ve seen it, so I’m not sure if it can/should apply to all Pokémon in the gym, or just the top. What does this mean, and what does it apply to?

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