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I found an egg, what do I do?

I’ve played the game for about an hour now and came upon a Pokémon Stop. It dropped Poké Balls as they usually do, but it also dropped an Egg. What do I do with this Egg?

What happens if you try to catch a pokemon when you are at your pokemon inventory limit?

In Pokemon Go there is a limit to how many Pokemon you can have in your ‘inventory’ at once. This limit can be increased by buying Pokemon storage upgrades with Poke-coins etc., but the default is 250. What happens when you try to catch another Pokemon when you are at the current limit?

Does the level of a gym's badge affects the gameplay?

Since the last update, you can now obtain a badge for a specific gym when you spin its photo disc. It is then possible to level it up by defending it, feeding the Pokemons from your team with berries or attacking it if another team is controlling it. Leveling the badges up apparently awards you […]

What do the different colors on the map in Pokemon Go represent?

I was playing Pokemon Go and the map around me has a blue and green color scheme. Does this mean anything or is it just for cosmetic purposes?

Ball curves on straight throw

I’ve noticed today that I’ve had a lot of balls start spinning to the side (like a curveball would) after I throw them straight at the Pokemon. I’m not spinning the ball beforehand to get the curveball bonus, and it doesn’t appear to happen if I throw the ball at an angle to compensate. It […]

How do I fix “GPS not found”, “failed to detect location”?

Notes: This all happened after I caught my starter. Pokemon Go has all permissions. I’m originally from USA but am currently in Japan. When I start Pokemon Go, at the time the Gyarados loading screen comes up an error message saying “GPS not found” shows up. When the game starts, the streets spawn and I […]

What happens to Pokémon you leave in Pokémon Go Gyms?

I have just recently joined Pokémon Go. I was just wondering: when I leave a Pokémon in a gym and it gets overtaken, what happens to the Pokémon I put in?

Pokemon Go, at low level (11) is it worth checking my pokemons IV before dumping them?

I’m only level 11, so i’m not going to use stardust or candies for a while. I found out how to know my pokemon’s IV, through this tool for example. The pokemons I catch are low level, something between 10 and 250. Is it worth looking them up, and if I find a perfect score, […]

How to throw poke balls such that they do not miss?

Sometimes when I throw a poke ball, it misses the target pokemon entirely (without pulling the pokemon inside, even momentarily). I’ve noticed that if my throw ends up going to the left or the right of the target pokemon, it generally misses. However, even throws that appear to bounce off the forehead of my target […]

Can I get pokégold without paying real money?

So far the only option I found to get pokégold is by purchasing some for real money. But I’ve only been playing for half a day, so I’m hoping there might be other ways as well. Particularly to get extra incubators. I mean, I collected 7 eggs today, average 5 km per egg. They can’t […]

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