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How does Ditto work with regards to Pokemon Sightings?

Ditto will appear as another Pokemon (Rattata, Pidgey, etc) until it is captured, including in the Sightings feature. But if there is also a real Pidgey nearby, will the Sightings show multiple instances of Pidgey? That is, if two Pidgeys were to appear in the Sightings, we could reasonably infer that a Ditto masquerading as […]

Has there been a change to the health of Pokémon returning from arenas?

Based on my previous experience and this answer, Pokémon that you left in friendly arenas that got beaten would return to you with 1 hp, thus allowing to heal them directly with potions. However, today, the two Pokémon that I left in a friendly arena returned to me after some time with 0 hp, which […]

If a Pokémon is shiny for someone, is it shiny for everyone in the same location?

Let’s take the case where two players would face the same Pokémon on the map. The first player would launch the battle, and find out that the opposite Pokémon is shiny. If the second player launch the encounter with the same Pokémon, will the Pokémon also be shiny for him?

How does Pikachu riding on your shoulder work?

I know that if you select a Pikachu as your buddy and you walk 10km with it, Pikachu will swap from standing next to you to riding on your shoulder. But is this effect accumulative, persistent and consistent? For instance if I walk 5km with it, swap to another and then back to Pikachu for […]

Does walking distance count if you are also capturing a pokemon?

In pokemon go, it is possible to walk while trying to capture a pokemon. Is it better to walk or to stay still? Does the distance walked while capturing count towards egg hatching or pokemon buddy? If you forget to close a pokestop and walk, does that walk distance count as well?

Why would a Pokemon have the incense glow?

Today while playing Pokemon Go, I popped an incense to try and catch some Pokemon. After the incense kicked in, two Pidgeys showed up. One of them was normal, however the other had the incense glow floating around the other. I’ve never seen this before. Why would the incense be floating around the Pidgeys?

How to get double loot and XP from a Pokestop?

While spinning PokeStops, I was able to get double loot (7-8 items) and double XP (100 XP) twice. However, I do not understand whether I did something special for this and I cannot find any information on this matter. Does anyone know how to get these double loot and XP from spinning a PokeStop? Update: […]

Eggs and CP scaling

Wild / hatched Pokemon CP is scaled on the level off the player but for eggs, will the scaling be done at the time I find the egg or at the time I hatch it.

How much prestige does a gym lose when battling it?

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on this for a while now but I don’t really understand how it’s being worked out. Obviously the number of Pokemon defeated affects how much prestige is lost. But what are the other factors and how much do they each affect it? I feel like if you use […]

In Pokemon Go, will aiming for the highest IV give the highest CP as well?

It seems at first to me that, if a Dratini only has a CP of 10, but has the semi-circle bar possible going to a possible maximum of 500, then it will be better than a Dratini that has a CP of 390 but is already near the max. But it seems that many people […]

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