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Is damage from defending Pokemon normalized for slow and fast attacks?

I remember reading somewhere that it has been confirmed that defending Pokemon at a gym attack every 1.5 seconds (except it attacks twice at the beginning). Considering this, is the damage normalized so that slow and fast attacks have no DPS (damage per second) advantage over each other? For example, Fury Cutter is a very […]

How many berries can I feed to a Pokémon?

I was next to a friendly gym and, since it was being attacked, it was preventing me from adding my Pokémon to help defend it. As I am able to feed other trainer’s Pokémon berries, I feed it a few berries to boost it’s motivation as my contribution. After a little bit, I received a […]

How many levels do pokemon have in Pokemon GO?

I know your trainer has a level from 1-40, but the game doesn’t show what level your pokemon are. I’ve seen charts listing pokemon levels go up to 40 or 40.5, and sometimes even up to 80. Some of them mention “half-levels”. What’s the real answer?

Is there a way to skip the evolution animation?

If a lucky egg is used, then the XP can be doubled for 30 minutes, and some players use that to evolve Pokemon during that time to double their XP increase. But the animations takes time… and it can take 25 to 30 seconds per Pokemon to evolve, so 30 minutes will mean roughly 60 […]

Is there a cooldown when training in a friendly gym?

You can train your Pokémon in a friendly battle, where you select a single Pokémon to battle against another Pokémon in a friendly Gym. The more you train, the more Prestige you can earn for your team’s Gym. (Source) Provided you have the potions to heal your Pokemon, can you battle back-to-back and select the […]

Why am I not able to catch Pokémon abroad?

I originally live in India but currently I’m visiting Bangkok and though I did find some new Pokémons every time I get them in the Pokeball, they get out in the first try and run away. Neither am I able to get stuff from the poke stops. Will someone please tell me what is going […]

What is this Pokémon Go event I've heard about?

I’ve been hearing about a Pokémon Go event that’s happening this week for Halloween. What exactly is going to happen?

Can I change who my buddy is?

With the new update, you can now choose a buddy under your profile and get candy from walking various distances. What is not clear, however, is if you can change your buddy later on. Say I’m a few candy short of evolving one Pokemon, so I choose that Pokemon as my buddy. Can I change […]

How do we obtain Pokestop modules?

In the Pokestop screen, there is an ’empty module’ that can be upgraded – how do I actually find one?

Are there any advantages when competing in a raid at a friendly gym?

I opened up Pokémon Go to see if there were any raids in my area, and to my surprise there were multiple going on. One of the raids was occurring at a gym controlled by Mystic and the other gym was controlled by Valor. As any player of any team can participate in any raid, […]

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