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What are the possible catch bonuses and how much experience do they reward?

I found this question, earlier, and found out that I can throw a curveball at pokémon to earn an increased experience bonus. I have since noticed two more bonuses: “Great” and “Nice”. I had assumed the bonuses were for throwing a pokéball with the ‘catch circle’ closer to the center, which according to the FAQ, […]

How to tell Max CP?

I’m comparing different pokemon of the same type (e.g. comparing pidgeys with each other), to see which ones I want to keep and which to transfer. I want to select based on Max CP -which differs per each pokemon-, but it’s a bitch to find what a pokémon’s max CP would be. Even though the […]

Are eggs predetermined before you hatch them?

In Pokemon-Go are eggs predetermined before you hatch them? What I mean is, has it already been decided what you are going to get from that egg before it’s been hatched? Or is it a random selection during the hatching? EDIT To test this theory I wrote a little code that will check the incubators, […]

What does Pokémon Appraisal actually tell you in Pokémon Go?

The new update to Pokémon go brought Pokémon Appraisal to the game. The information it tells you I’m still trying to decipher. For example, when I apraise my strongest Pokémon a 1500 CP Vaporeon, I get the following information: Overall, your Rainer is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon! I see that its best attribute […]

Why should I “watch” a nearby pokémon?

At the bottom right of the playing screen, there is a small banner that displays silhouetted pokémon. Selecting it brings up a screen that details all the nearby pokémon. Pokémon are labelled with 1-3 footprints, and doubles can be displayed. When I select any of these pokémon, the silhouette becomes the only element on the […]

Why can't I tap Pokémon on the map?

I have found ~3 Pokémon out in the wild I have wanted to catch but when I try to tap them on the map but it doesn’t do anything. They eventually run away/disappear after a certain period of time. When I do manage to click on them to start the battle, I can throw the […]

How much xp/prestige do you gain at a gym by training?

I have tested this a little bit and I’m not quite sure I understand the exact numbers or what impacts them. I took a gym, put in a 25cp Magikarp, and trained against it. 521cp Vaporeon: 10xp and 100 prestige 10cp Magnemite: 100xp and 1000 prestige I didn’t record other numbers, but I know I […]

Does Pokemon Go take into account STAB in gym battles?

In the main series games, there is a concept of STAB (same type attack bonus), where a pokemon of a certain type will get an additional attack bonus (+50%) when using a move that has the same type. This bonus is in addition to any modifiers caused by the target pokemon’s resistances. For example, a […]

I can't play Pokemon GO! What's wrong?

Pokemon GO isn’t working at all for me right now. I’m in one of the following circumstances and can’t do anything: My game is displaying a “Try Again” message I’m stuck on the Loading Screen When I sign in I get a message that the servers are experiencing problems. I see the map but nothing […]

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