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How to compare different Pokémon with the same CP?

I am familiar with the Pokémon GO Species/Moveset Analysis Tool spreadsheet, which is very helpful, when one wants to compare movesets of one Pokémon or to compare different Pokémon on the same level. But for the sake of efficient gym training, I would need to compare different Pokémon with the same CP. Let me give […]

Should I wait to reclaim a gym?

I had recently taken over a local gym and put my Pokemon there to defend it, I collected my coins from the Defender bonus. This is the first time I’ve done that. There is a clock still counting down even though I have seen that my gym has been taken over already. Should I wait […]

If I delete Pokémon GO and then reinstall it, will I have to start over at level 1?

I am curious, does Pokémon GO have its data saved on the phone, or is it stored on the web somewhere? If I were to delete the app and reinstall it, would I have to start from the beginning again at level 1?

Does STAB affect energy gained?

I know that same-type-attack-bonus (STAB) increases the damage of same type moves, but does it increase the amount of energy gained(to fill up the charge bar) when using quick moves of the same type? Some websites seem to suggest so (rankedboost etc.)?

Why can't I use another google account on my phone for Pokémon Go?

I let my boyfriend use my Google account because I have two, and now it only signs me on as him even though he signed in on his own phone. Since you can’t make a trainer account I was wondering if any of you would know what I could do?! Thanks!

When does a Pokemon get knocked out?

I have plenty of Revives that would instantly heal a pokemon to half health. However, whenever I lose a fight, the pokemon will go down to 1HP and I have to use multiple potions to heal it instead. What situations would lead to a ‘knock out’ and getting to use Revive instead? Is there a […]

Can you receive eggs from Pokestops with a full bag?

Is it possible to receive an egg from a Pokestop when your bag is at or above its capacity, but there is room for additional eggs? I tried this 6 or 7 times today while I only had 5 eggs, and did not get any, but this could have just been bad luck.

Incense doesn't work in Pokemon GO

I was watching videos of Pokemon GO Gameplay and noticed that Incense worked in a different way than what appears on my phone. Normally when you select Incense from your items, you tap on the incense device floating and then a pink cloud surrounds you for 30 minutes, in my case when I tap on […]

I have Jolteon / Vaporeon / Flareon. I tried for another Jolteon but got a Vaporeon!

I have a weak Jolteon, so I took 25 Eevees and tried to evolve another one. I was hoping for stronger combat moves. So, I renamed the Eevee “Sparky” and evolved it, but got a Vaporeon! Losing those 25 candies is really painful. The new Vaporeon has the weakest moves possible. I’m really bummed. I […]

What's wrong with my curveball?

So I’ve got pretty good at landing curveballs. Well, according to How to throw a curveball that’s what I think I’m doing. But I never seem to get the 10xp bonus for curveball, whether I hit inside the target or not (in my example I happen to get a great throw). I know for a […]

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