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How to calculate the prestige level at which point your Pokémon will be kicked-out of a gym?

It is critical to know at what prestige level your Pokémon will be kicked-out of a gym so that you could launch a counter-offensive to increase prestige. How do you calculate this number? For sure, adding an extra guy requires 10,000 prestige. But by that math, my gym should have been 90,000 prestige. For example, […]

What is the minimum RAM required for Pokemon GO?

While poking around on Pokemon Go’s Supported devices, it lists some specs required for Android and iOS devices. I’m particularly interested in Android devices, but I do not see a minimum/recommended RAM listed on their site. Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1 (Android N will not supported until the official Android release) Preferred resolution of 720×1280 […]

How do you increase prestige of a gym in Pokemon Go

I have been walking around and found a level 5 gym that looks hard to defeat, but my pokemon are only in level 2 and 3 gyms. If anyone knows how to get a gym to have higher prestige level it would be very helpful.

I'm unable to verify my email in Pokemon Go?

I cant verify my email on Pokemon Go. If I click on ‘Verify your email’ they send me to this page and apparently my account isn’t activated. Somebody know what to do?

Pokémon Go: Thrown back to gym menu as soon as countdown ends

First of all, sorry if it has been asked already. I couldn’t find anything similar, though. I tried to attack a hostile gym and it worked fine until then. I also caught some Pokémon on my way there and collected a few Pokéstops. So my guess is, that the connection was fine. Also the GPS […]

Why do higher CP Pokemon cost less stardust to power up?

I have two Pidgeys. One is CP 303 and costs 2500 stardust to power up, and the other is CP 336 and costs 2200 stardust. Why does the one with higher CP cost less?

Alternate visuals when catching

Have you noticed the different responses when catching Pokémon? Most of the time there is a ring that shoots out. Sometimes however there are fiery wisps that go up from the Pokémon. Any idea what this means?

Do ghost type Pokémon appear only at night?

I’ve seen it mentioned in few answers here that ghost type Pokémon appear only at night. Is this true?

What does the red background on an item mean?

With the latest update, you can now use gyms like stops and get items. So far, every time I have done so there has always been one item that has a red background and number. Is this a bonus item since I am part of red team? Is there any special meaning to it at […]

How do I use my second move in Pokemon GO?

I was looking at my Pokemon’s stats when I noticed that my Pokemon actually has two moves available. However, I could only use the top move in a recent Gym battle. Why is this? Also, what do the blue bars represent?

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