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What are all the sources of XP?

As the title suggests, what are all the possible sources of XP on PokemonGo? I just manually evolved a Kakuna into a Beedril last night, and got 1000 XP for that, which has never happened to me before. Obviously there could still be other sources that I do not know about. So, what are all […]

Why can't I capture my first Pokemon?

I’m trying to just catch my first Pokemon and I can’t for some reason. From what I’ve read I should be able to see the three basic Pokemon to choose from and catch one but I can’t see them. I can only see three pulsing circles and the app appears to be stuck on map […]

How do IVs affect a Pokemon's combat in Pokemon Go?

Just found out there are hidden Individual Values (Attack, Defense and Stamina) for a pokemon in Pokemon Go. How do these value affect the combat performance in gym? Attack Value: A Vaporeon with a Water Gun has 6 attack points, does a higher attack value makes this Vaporeon’s Water Gun more powerful so the Water […]

What should be done when no more Pokemon can be caught? (when full storage)

It seems that I can buy 50 more slots using 200 coins, but what if I keep on getting more and more common Pokemons such as Pidgey or Rattata, then the slots will be full again. Right now, I am sorting by CP (Combat Power) and then “Transfer” the lowest CP Pokemons to the Professor […]

In Pokemon Go, how can we join a level 10 gym (of the same team)?

Sometimes I will see a level 10 gym of my team. In this case, how can I join this gym? I assume the more I fight in this gym, the higher the prestige the gym can get, but it will never allow me to join it?

Is there a complete list of evolution costs?

For pokemon that evolve twice I like to wait until I have enough candy to do both evolutions at once. Problem is I can’t find the cost of the second evolution. Is there a list of evolution costs anywhere?

Forgot Pokemon Go Player ID

I can remember my user name, but without the player ID I can’t request a new password. It won’t allow me to set up a completely new account with the same email either (which I tried out of frustration) Please help

How does adding more Pokèmon to gyms work now?

It used to be that you could train on your own gyms by attacking them, then once you got the points high enough from doing that, you could put a Pokèmon of your own in it. Obviously this mechanic has changed, but I can’t figure out what it’s been replaced with. The only thing I […]

How do I use a Lure Module?

I have 2 lure modules, and I would like to use one at the Pokéstop I am at, but when I tap on it, it says that it cannot be used here. How do I activate the lure module?

How to tell if I can defeat a raid boss?

Is there any way I can find out if I can defeat a raid boss alone, given its CP as well as my main pokemons’ CP, or if it’s hopeless? What I want to know here is how strong of a raid boss can I defeat, given my main pokémons CPs. For example: Can I […]

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