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Nothing shows up on the map

When I load up Pokémon GO, none of the pokéstops, gyms, or pokémon show up on the map. Is there a fix for this? I am on iOS.

Why is my Pokémon not at its max potential CP?

I have a 100IV Dragonite (Double-checked, and it comes out with the top valued appraisal, included good Stam, Atk and Def) and I am Level 39. My Dragonite is only 3531CP, and the HP is in fact 154HP, but the maximum should be 3581CP and the Power-Up Button has disappeared (meaning that it will not […]

How to distinguish caught and seen Pokémon?

In my Pokémon I have seen one Pokémon more than caught. How can I see which Pokémon I have only seen and not caught?

How much player XP can be earned through evolving 3-stage evolution Pokémon to their third stage?

For power leveling your player with common 3-Stage evolution Pokémon: Weedle Caterpie Pidgey The first evolution costs 12 candies and gives 1000 player XP, which is 83 exp/candy. How much player XP is granted for evolving to their final form for 50 candy?

How short or long can my trainer name be?

I’m trying to think of my new trainer name but I don’t get any chance to check if the username is available before trying it. What I’m wondering is what the minimum and maximum characters are for your trainer name?

Change in Arc Position as Trainer Gains Levels

I trained a Pidgeot to nearly full completion of its arc (~90%) and then stopped training for a while due to a lack of stardust and the game saying my trainer level wasn’t high enough. While collecting more dust, I gained at least four levels (the minimum four were due to a powerleveling push with […]

Pokemon Go Combat Points over Individual Values

I have 2 Dragonites, one with more Combat Points than the other one with more Individual Values. I used pogobag.com to get the values: VS As you can see, the first one have bigger combat points and the other one have bigger individual values. I want to Power Up and keep only 1. Which would […]

Had several rare pokemon run away while wife and son catch them

I have had Tentacruel, Starmie, Ninetales, Scyther, and a few others run away from me after a few failed attempts at catching them. Yet my wife and son standing right next to me catch them. Is there a glitch in my app? Why is it I am the only one who has these rare pokemon […]

Pokemon GO account sharing

If you have your on account that you play on, but if your friend encounters a rare pokemon like a lapras on his account, that he can log on to my account and catch it for me and then log out. This way the rare pokemons are more accessible. Is this allowed? If not, what […]

Will I be warned before changing my trainer name?

I would like to explore available trainer names, since we can now change our name once. I’m wondering if when you enter a name, if it automatically changes your name or does it give you a confirmation it’s available (or not) first?

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