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What is the proper teleport command in Skyrim?

How does the coc command work? When I type in for example coc Whiterun, it works. But when I type in coc Dawnstar, nothing happens. Did I miss anything here? Also, how do I enter names with multiple words?

Is it possible to re-map or disable the key that brings up the console?

From time to time when switching to primary weapon (1) I accidentally hit `, which in BF3 brings up the console. I don’t see possibility to change that binding on the options screen. Is there a way do change or disable that key binding?

GTA V for PC exited unexpectedly

I recently ordered the GTA V PC from Steam and when I finished installing and launch the game. It gave me “Grand Theft Auto V has exited unexpectedly”. I tried “safe mod” and every option available, but none of them work. I checked some forums and found a lot of people having the same problems. […]

How does the Co-op vs AI IP award system work?

I really like the new Co-op vs ai, match type introduced on LoL. AFAIK, it awards a reasonable good amount of IP for winning once per day, just like your First Win of the Day double IP Boost. I am asking this, because I have been awarded different amounts of IP with big gaps for […]

How can I fix the auto-login to the Cerberus network (EA Online)

Whenever I start up Mass Effect 2 and it tries to auto-login to my EA Online Account, I see this screen. Then, I have to manually log in, and I see this screen. Empty login screen. Every time. So I have to input my email address and password again. Every time. Once I do this […]

Blood on the Ice – No interaction with the clues in Hjerim possible

As the title says, I’m having huge problems with the “Blood on the Ice” questline. On my first playthrough, I was able to finish the quest withouth problems, was able to buy, clean-up and furnish the house, but on the second playthrough, this questline is utterly broken, and I dont know why. Quest triggered normally […]

Can't see underwater in Skyrim

As of patch 1.5, I am completely unable to see underwater in Skyrim. It’s not even that it’s murky or dark – it’s just a solid grey or green screen. I can still skim across the surface and see into deep waters, but if I go any deeper than that, nothing is visible. I can […]

Under what circumstances can I unlock the negative levels in Super Meat Boy?

While playing one of the dark world stages in Level 1 of Super Meat Boy, I reached the end of the stage after dying several times. However, Band-Aid Girl, instead of doing her normal crying animation, was messed up in appearance: glitchy and spinning around. Though I initially hesitated, I brought myself to touch her […]

How to make fighting-related quick time events easier?

I am having huge issues fighting in close combat in Tomb Raider 2013. When it says “mash left right” I do that, and I think fast enough. But I do not know if I have to be just faster or exactly in the timing of the screen. I fail about 30% of the time. Then, […]

Multiseat gaming?

Multiseat (see here (SU) and here (unix.SE)) allows multiple users to use one PC with multiple mice/keyboards/monitors as if it were several PCs. It would be great to run some less-hardware-hungry games this way since no second PC were required. Unfortunately all I tried so far didn’t work: Ubuntu: I didn’t even manage to setup […]

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