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Is there a way to bind items to the number keys in Skyrim?

I’m less than impressed with the favorites menu for quick swapping spells in the middle of a fight. Is there anyway I can bind them to the number pad on the keyboard?

Is there a way to automatically skip the intro videos in Left 4 Dead?

Every time you start Left 4 Dead, it plays a short video to introduce Valve software, then it plays the game intro video. You can skip these videos by pressing ESC twice, but is there an easier way to do this automatically?

When “extending” my desktop across multiple monitors, how can I limit my mouse to one monitor when playing full-screen?

I have two monitors, and I often use the “extend” mode to work on both simultaneously as a large desktop. When playing games full-screen only one monitor is used, and that’s fine. However, I would like to use the other monitor to still work and display some other application windows. The problem is that with […]

Where do I download the manuals for games I buy on Steam?

I recently signed up with Steam and bought a few discounted games, but I can’t find any manuals for them. I assumed they’d be installed along with the games, but I can’t find any sign of them or of download links for them on Steam. Am I missing something? (The games are Crysis, Fallout 3, […]

In Skyrim, how do you revive a NPC who was in your party?

I took Benor with me to do the Statue of Meridia mission. during the fight, he was impaled by some ice sharp magic thing. I couldn’t believe it he was dead! I completed the rest of the mission and I got out of there. Is there anyway to bring him back to life and to […]

How can I use any game controller on my PC with Batman Arkham Origins?

I have an Elecom Wireless Gamepad, and a Windows 7 PC (64bit). I bought Batman: Arkham Origins through steam. My Elecom didn’t work, so I borrowed a friend’s USB Xbox controller. It doesn’t work either. In the steam interface, in the Store, it says that Batman: Arkham Origins has full controller support. Has a huge […]

What is the gravity model in Source engine games?

How is gravity modeled in the Source engine? Does it use a standard acceleration model of units per second squared? Is there a terminal velocity? Does air resistance play a role? For whatever this model is, are the constants the same for all games, or does it vary from title to title?

How can I install a Steam game I bought at retail from the disc?

I bought Modern Warfare 3 at retail, and after putting disc 1 in it installs Steam then asks for the CD key. After that it then starts downloading the game via Steam. I have the disc but it refuses to install the game from it. There is no other .exe for the installation besides the […]

Can I use a game controller to play Diablo 3?

Can I use a game controller with Diablo 3? Since there are not that many keys that are actually used, can you map a controller to play? Or would this require some type of mod?

Can Portal 2 co-op be played between PC and PS3 Steam linked accounts?

The PS3 version of Portal 2 comes with a code to link it to a Steam account. Apparently this allows you to play on both the PC and PS3 with one purchase. Can this be used to play co-op between the two platforms?

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