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Low Rider Challenge

While playing GTA: San Andreas today, I got to the Low Rider Challenge. It’s seemingly impossible to beat this, as no matter how well I do, my opponent seems to one up me. I don’t particularly care how I beat it – I just want to get to the next mission. How can I possibly […]

Why was everything unlocked the first time I started Portal 2 coop?

I was playing Portal 2 co-op for the first time. We were on PC in split-screen mode. When the game started, we were dumped into a level selection chamber, and a voice announced that all levels were now unlocked. Why did this happen? In addition to not having unlocks, there was apparently an intro cut-scene […]

How can I get an NES controller to work on my PC as a Joystick?

I want to be able to use an actual NES (or, SNES) controller to control an emulator on my PC. Is this possible? If so, how can I do this on a budget?

How to run Tonic Trouble under Windows 7?

I just tried, but keep getting error screen, thanks for advice. Yes, it’s DX6 game It’s Win 7 32Bit GeForece 9800GT with latest driver AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4G

What ports need to be opened to play multiplayer reliably?

So I’m trying to configure my firewall to open the right ports needed to play multiplayer. According to Ubisoft’s Support page: …you will need to configure your router or firewall to allow the following network ports for the best possible connection: ACR Ports: UDP: 21200, 7959, 3074 Uplay Launcher: TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200 […]

Where does Borderlands 2 store save files?

Where is the save file location? I’ve upgraded to Windows 8 and am barely been able to start the game. After some tweaks with compatibility, the game starts, but all my configs and saves are gone. Where do I need to look to find my save files?

How to use my gamepad globally as xbox controller (on PC)?

I figure using x360ce I can use my gamepad in some games which claim to require a xbox controller. However, this requires me putting two files (xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini) into the respective game’s folder1. Is there any way to have this gamepad-as-xbox-controller behaviour active globally without needing to copy this file into each respective game’s […]

Can I use my Xbox 360 controller to play PC games?

I bought the Prince of Persia trilogy games yesterday at a garage sale and I want to play them asap! I remember them being great on the PS2. Can I use my Xbox 360 controller with my laptop? Would I need to buy a converter of some kind? I’m automatically assuming I need to use […]

GTA IV – Out of Commission – Helicopter bug

I am on the last mission of GTA 4 – Out of Commission (PC) and cannot finish due to the bug with getting on the helicopter. I have read some terrible hacks to get it to work e.g. use Fraps, but that doesn’t even seem to work in all cases. Is there a definitive fix […]

Menu Key Bindings in Skyrim

I typically change the default WASD controls to use a different set of keys, is there anyway to change the keys in the menu system to reflect the updated bindings? It’s annoying to have to go back and forth between the two sets of keys.

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