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How to make my follower to wear same type of armor as her default, but improved?

Long story short: my loyal follower Lydia is now a Blade. Upon taking her oath, she got full set of Blades armor and it became her default armor meaning it’s not seen in her inventory – not even when pickpocketing her. I also got my own full set of Blades armor and being good hearted […]

For Dragon Age: Inquisition, how do I move my old save files from one system to another?

I am going to buy the game soon, and I am wondering if there is any way I can load the game files that are currently on my older PC? I am thinking about getting Dragon Age: Inquisition on my PS3 as my computers are not strong enough, any more, for such a game. Is […]

In Portal 2, can you transfer ps3 saved data to a pc to continue playing with same profile?

Since you get both versions is it possible to start on one platform and move to another? Is there a way or need to convert files?

How do you get you team chemistry rating over 60?

I have been playing Manager Mode in Fifa 10 (PC) for 3 seasons, however the Team Chemistry rating keep getting stuck at 60 while the other ratings (Fans Support and Job Security) are at 99.

The HUD is gone / mispositioned?

So I think I’ve broken the game a little. The entire HUD seems to have vanished, and there’s no option setting, or button combination to get it back. When changing zones, a little of the HUD comes back, but is in the completely wrong position: So my questions are: What causes this? How can I […]

Why am I snubbing the bow?

I have four favourites that are bound to hotkeys: Long bow (3) Iron sword (2) Flame Sparks While I have a sword in my right hand and Flame in my left I can switch to the bow just fine by pressing 1, but when I switch away from the bow and back to the sword […]

Can I restore my rank level back to where it was before a hacked Modern Warfare 2 server changed it?

I ended up in a hacked server. One of the hacks was – if you die by your own hand (such as falling off a skyscraper in my case) your rank (at your current prestige level) becomes 70. While this is advantagous in that it partially unlocked things I wanted (ninja pro, claymores) so that […]

Is Braid on PS3/PC different in any way? Is there a definitive choice?

gals and things, I’m one of the few poor souls who hasn’t played Braid yet. I don’t have an xbox so my choices are PS3 or PC. The game came out on both platforms a little while after the xbox version, so I was wondering if the content on all three is the same. Are […]

Activate the crystal from far

When I’m setting defenses at the other side of the map, is there a way to activate the crystal from far away, letting me kill enemies at the gate without running back-and-forth?

Fallout 3 runs better on medium settings than low?

I bought a Radeon 6570 HD recently and decided to play Fallout 3. When messing with settings to get a smooth FPS I noticed that the game runs better at Medium settings than low settings, it’s much more choppy at a low setting. So I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas why this […]

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