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HUD is missing in Battlefield 3?

I seriously don’t know what key I hit, but it turned off the hub for the gun in BF3. The hub located in the lower right corner is now gone, and I have no idea how to bring it back. I’ve pressed every key on the keyboard without luck.

Increasing uGridsToLoad in Fallout: New Vegas

What settings can I drop to load more grids without crashing? I can run 9 grids stable but 11 causes the game to crash to desktop. Exterior cell Buffer is at 48 (96=CTD). I want to be able to snipe as far across the map as possible. Perhaps loading low rez buildings and tweaking the […]

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Audio is not workin

The in-game audio is not working at all, no music in the menus, no effects or nothing while playing (Microsoft Live sound does work, though). This is the environment: Steam client Windows 8 64 bits ASUS P7P55D integrated sound card for audio The sound card is connected to a receiver through SPDIF. Everything else works […]

What is the Mass Effect 3 Value for Miranda to edit in Save Edtior

I’m trying to toggle Miranda’s Romance to True in ME3 right before I meet her for the third time in the apartment so I can trigger the romance dialog option. I have found ID Values for most of the characters besides Miranda. Romance Value ID’s for MS3 Miranda – ????? Liara – 19722 Ashley – […]

Does the Xbox windows controller work with directinput games?

I want to buy a Xbox controller with PC receiver. I know it uses Xinput. Will it work with old games that use DirectInput?

How can I determine if game is playable with a controller?

I never played games with a controllers, but I just recently got a wireless PC one, so I might give it a shot. However, I’m not sure which games will I be able to play with it! Is there a centralized source of information, or am I supposed to browse gaming forums/ask people to find […]

Reorder action keys?

So the order of the actions are different for the different classes. Luckily “fire” is always on 1, but I’d like “overwatch” to always be on key 2. Now it changes between 3 and 4 depending on the current type of soldier. Actions that are the same for all classes should always be mapped to […]

How to unlock all SF4 characters, on PC?

I’m trying to unlock Akuma and Gouken on SF4 for PC (Steam Version, not Super Street Figher). So far I got Sakura, Dan, Gen, Rose and Fei Long. I explained how to unlock them in the answer. What am I missing ? There are still 4 unfilled boxes on the menu. 2 characters I know […]

How do I get all parts of my HUD to stick around in DX:HR

So, I’m pretty sure when I started playing DX:HR, the display for my “hotbar,” or 1-0 keys, was constantly around as long as I wasn’t at Sarif Industries. Yet now, later in the game, I’m noticing that it fades out after a few seconds wherever I am, and only re-displays when I change items. I […]

Is “Overlord: Raising Hell” for the PC a standalone expansion?

For some Steam games, like Titan Quest, the expansion is really just an addon to the original game, and includes all the original content plus more. Thus, even though the game and its expansion are listed separately, if you own the expansion there’s really no reason to ever launch the base-game from Steam. However, for […]

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