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How can I import worlds from the PE to the PC version?

Can I get my Minecraft Pocket Edition worlds onto my PC to play in regular Minecraft? If so how? I have used iExplorer to transfer files from my iPad but that was no help. Any suggestions?

How do I turn off mouse acceleration in Skyrim?

Mouse acceleration seems to be on by default, and I can’t find anywhere in the launcher settings or the in game settings to turn it off. It’s very annoying as it makes it feel as if the mouse is lagging. Is there any way to turn it off?

How can I edit coalesced.bin so that I can use cheats and graphics tweaks?

I’ve seen that I can tweak my game by editing files like bioinput.ini and bioengine.ini, but I couldn’t find these files anywhere. They seem to be part of another file called coalesced.bin, and I don’t know how to edit it. I want to do this so that I can tweak some graphics settings and set […]

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