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Keyboard problem with Skyrim

I have an international keyboard, and my customized my layout so that the letters P and O and I are written, when I type the keys on which there are my national(country) letters painted on. I have this custom layout because I my normal P O and I keys are unresponsive(broken), and since I literally […]

I'm trying to get sound on Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for the PC, however it won't work

Here is the background. The sound worked perfectly fine about two days ago. I had a few friends over, and decided to plug in my loudspeakers rather than my headphones. I set that up, and then play the game, audio is working fine. After they leave I use my headphones again without any issue. Today […]

Is there any way to get returning player content on PC without previously playing?

I have GTA V for PC but now I see the “returning player exclusive” stuff. I did not have GTA V on consoles (nor did I have a console) and as such I want the extra stuff. Is there a way to do that? Could I log into a friends PS3 and transfer my character […]

D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error. How do I fix it?

I’m trying to play “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. I bought it on Steam and haven’t played it yet. I downloaded it and, apparently, it was successfully installed. However, every time I try to start the game I get a message box stating D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE. I’m running Windows 8.1 (when I installed the game, I had Win8, but […]

How can I make a radio assistance call when there are no more resource crates in a location?

I can only access the ‘Radio Assistance’ menu when there are still resource crates in a location. I’m playing the Steam Early Access version on the PC. The State of Decay wiki’s “Radio” article states that (for the Xbox 360 version): “The active survivor can also call for field support through the radio. By pressing […]

Is there a limit on the number of bodies/corpses/lockboxes in a certain zone? How do I increase this limit?

I would like to know if BioShock 1 or 2 limits the number of bodies/corpses in a certain zone (like Dishonored, another game that also uses the Unreal engine). Does either game remove corpses to make way for new ones? If the game(s) do have this limit, how do I increase this limit in the […]

How do I set up Braid to use a gamepad on PC?

So I asked this question about Braid on PC/PS3 a while back, and one of the answers pointed me to the MotionInJoy drivers that allows PS3 controllers to be used on a PC. I’ve installed them properly and have used my DualShock 3 in a few games, but I can’t figure out how to enable […]

What are all the cheats in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

There are only cheats for the PC version, what are they, and how to use them?

Fallout 4 will not get past the initial loading screen

I am attempting to launch either vanilla or modded Fallout 4, but either way, I cannot get past the initial loading screen. It freezes the second the circle in the bottom right corner comes up. Since I am using Nexus Mod Manager, I thought that was the problem and uninstalled all mods I had loaded […]

Binding keys in Elite Dangerous

I notice there are two columns where you can click to bind keys. In the image you can see the ‘thrust down’ has two bindings. I don’t see any labels to explain when the two different bindings are used. Why are there two slots?

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